Vw golf facelift

Vw golf facelift

A facelift has succeeded when the patient works fresher, but in its identity is unchanged. If you transfer this human mabboat to the car, Volkswagen earns for the updating of the Gulf a top grade in the recognizability. Irony Off: Even connoisseurs are barely seeing differences. Radical steps were only the sign of a weak basic design, MOGE BEFORTUNDERs this only tentative changes argue.

The design language is two-ranking for Volkswagen anyway, the press office calls model maintenance an "update". This term from the software language should – quasi as a Golf Digital – focus on the assistance and infotainment systems. The word update also reminds of the bitter problems in compliance with emission standards and away from the homology steps.

Visually, the deviations in the new sales year restrict themselves to small changes to the Stobschfern. All versions of the gulf have now LED jerk lights. Front are new halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights series-mabig, and replace full-LED headlamps for a surcharge the outbing xenon technology. In the interior there are new fabrics, for the paint other colors. The usual. To understand this golf, a look at the Bredouille is important in which Volkswagen is located.

Volkswagen under prere

Since its presentation at the end of 2012, the Golf VII is a complete success. Europe’s best-selling car is not an exciting, but one with only a few weak. So it was already in the golf history, and VW is well driven. This comes: Although the return at Volkswagen is relatively low, the golf will earn money. never change a running system.

However, according to Dieselgate, the announcement of the manipulation at TDI engines, everything is different in Wolfsburg. Billions for the US customers, the gigantic jerk response in Europe and the outstanding complaints of sharears are a heavy load. At the same time the development effort increases. With the arming of the Strab Test Real Driving Emissions (RDE) from September 2017 ("Level 1", deviation factor 2.1) and the exhaust standard Euro 6C (for newly authorized car from 1. September 2018, two statutory hospitals come to the Gulf. Here the engineers will not give a bloobe.

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