Vw eos: from january 2011 with a new face

Vw eos: from january 2011 with a new face

Wolfsburg, 7. October 2010 – VW sends the EOS with a new face and expanded equipment movies into the coming model year. At first glance, the mandated Kuhlergrill falls in the current design of the brand. From behind it is the EOS to recognize new, two-piece LED jerk lights and the redesigned stobbar.

Improved assistants

Technically designed the overworked EOS new details. This is the multifunction display "Premium" with color display and second generation of parking automatic park assist. The latter bugs the vehicle sustainably in long and transverse parking and manovries it out of long-sleights. Also new on board is the keyless attention and start system Keyless Access, which is novel the roof even by radio remote control and closes. As a new special equipment, there is the light assistant Light Assist, which automatically switches between dimming and high beam depending on the traffic situation. Also optionally offered is a cool-leather coating: the leather should reflect the sun’s irradiation and thus heat up less.

Diesel more economical with BlueMotion

The use of BlueMotion technology is intended to provide for less consumption: a start-stop system and a braking energy jerk recovery with VW, for example, at EOS 2.0 TDI with 140 hp the diesel consumption by 0.7 liters to 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Premiere in Los Angeles

For the first time the public is presented the eligible EOS on 17. November 2010 on the Los Angeles Auto Show. The market entry starts in Europe from mid-January 2011. Four recharged, direct injection engines from 122 to 210 hp are then available. The base price becomes 27.975 euros, 550 euros more than so far.

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