Vw: a quarter of the plaintiff successfully in the first instance

Hundreds of drivers of diesel vehicles from the Volkswagen Group filed claims for damages in the exhaust scandal in Germany. At about a quarter of the good 200 decisions in the first instance, consumers were so far successful. A Volkswagen spokesman confirmed appropriate information Picture on Sunday. None of the judgments but so far is legally legitimate, he stressed. In all cases, Volkswagen either went to vocation or will do this.

In about 160 falling in the first instance, the judges showed the complaint or the claim made a jacking. Overall, the newspaper report has previously been available in 2000 deficiencies. These are directed against handlers or the Volkswagen Group directly. So far, the company in Germany has uploaded to about 1.6 million of around 2.6 million diesel cars.

In the United States, where the exhaust scandal had been brought to light, Volkswagen pays billions of car owners due to directed exhaust values. The drivers of affected vehicles can get more than $ 5,000 (4635 euros) securities. For customers in Europe, Volkswagen has no such secure. In view of the stucco numbers sold in the US and Europe, this attitude can not be surprising: Volkswagen also had to pay in Europe in Europe, the Group had a problem which is not loose love.

Nevertheless, the EU Commission has been prere on Volkswagen for some time. It requires financial conclusions to the 8.5 million drug drivers in Europe and recently demanded "concrete results" until the end of April. Jury Commissarin Vera Jourova wants to enforce the car manufacturer to meet the customer financially or by additional service services. The promised repair of the cars are not rich.

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