Vvel: free breathing for nissan gasoline engines

Vvel: free breathing for nissan gasoline engines

Koln, 9. May 2007 – A new valve control should help new motors from Nissan to more performance with lower consumption. The CO2 emissions sink by up to ten percent, promises the manufacturer. The new system is called VVEL, which for variable Valve Event Lift, so variables shut and open the valve stands. It is a further development of the previously used continuously variable valance control, short C-VTC.

Deep breathing without throttle losses

In conventional motors, the ventilation of the combustion chamber is metered by throttle. If the engine speeds increase, then the deep air must fight against the resistance of the only partially odd flap in the intake manifold. Throttle losses are the result, because the inhalation by a stranded throat costs strength and suggests in an increased fuel consumption. Unlike the VVEL system: There is no throttle for the air dividing. The complete dosage of the intake air stream overlives here alone the inlet valve. About the variable lifting adjustment, the opening time can be controlled, so exactly the required fresh air quantity can be sucked almost resistant from the engine. The engine with VVEL technology breathes free and deep. A similar system carries the name Valvetronic at BMW.

Power at low and high speeds

For the actual combustion chamber fixation, less energy is needed at VVEL. The force saved in this way comes the drive twice as possible: The situational cylinder drilling ensures high torque at low speeds for high torque. In the high-speed range, however, the valve control allows a particularly fast gas change, which increases the highest performance. Since the gas change is made by the larger opening height of the inlet valve and not via the detour via throttle flap adjustment mechanism, the response improves. The engine hangs better on the gas, the driver’s request is being implemented faster – the car with VVEL technology accelerates compared to an equally strong vehicle with smaller delay, promises Nissan.

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