Volvo: sophisticated autopilot was able to go 2020 in series

Volvo boss Håkan Samuelsson is convinced of a future with autopilot function in the car. "I think you’re just like a plane: you start manually and then reaches a route – for example on the highway or in a traffic jam – on which it is so boring that you print on autopilot," he said the dpa On this week US car show in Detroit. "In complex things, however, you return to manual back – for example, in situations with many femrene."Volvo works in Swedish Goteborg currently at the world’s first major test for autonomous driving worldwide. 100 cars from 2017 should be self-standing without active drivers in everyday situations.

Samuelsson sees in the test an important milestone for the future topic of autonomous driving. "We can ever present that of an engineer today, but here we talk about something much more complex: everyday situations on real strands with real customers and without preparation."

Volvo has found the city for the project, the traffic homework and external scientists with on board. The aim is also to explore the social benefits. Samuelsson reported: "The infrastructure people, for example, say:" Wow, because we can test groundbreaking considerations such as very narrow lanes that make more space for other and minimize costs "."In addition, the city is interested in the environmental aspects. "Parkflats can be much smaller than the autonomous driving, in the parking garage you did not even have to let in more people," Samuelsson said. The easier one "grunery or child-friendly" city.

Samuelsson believes the technology could already become the series in five years. "If that’s how we plan to plan it, then I realize realistic that we expect the 2020 with a concept on the market."The German carmakers also work on similar tests. Audi and Mercedes about loving in the USA few days ago robot cars to the Electronics Fair Ces to Las Vegas.

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