Volvo security systems for accident pravention

Volvo security systems for accident pravention

Genoa, 7. May 2008 – The car manufacturers can always come up with new electronic assistance systems that will relieve the driver or to provide more security for more security. Some of them serve to monitor the concentration of the driver and to warn him if necessary if the breeding seconds threatens or he just unkronized ride. As well as some models of Lexus the driver with a visual field monitor, Saab develops a new driverfruhwarning system and Honda warns the driver from unintentional lane leave. Volvo offers the active speed and distance control system with Brake Assist Pro as well as the new Driver Alert in the S80, V70 and in the XC7. We were able to test both Volvo systems.

Mutuality recognition

In the Allradler XC70 we have the possibility to take a closer look at the system Driver Alert. The program monitor the movement pattern of the vehicle and evaluates whether it is controlled or not – the system will take you indirectly to the concentration of the driver. In order to recognize deviations as such, you have to be at least ten minutes at a speed of 65 km / h or faster. A camera between the windscreen and the inner mirror monitor the distance to the lane markings and various sensors control the movement patterns of the car. At the beginning of the ride are FUNF bars in the on-board computer, which indicate the degree of concentration of the driver permanent. If the mindfulness decreases, also reduce the strokes in the display, comparable to the display of a drain cell phone battery.

Take a coffee break!

If only a bar appears in the graphic, the system recommends taking a break. This is recognized by a coffee cup in the display, the text message "Time for a break" and a warning tone. In our test, we simulate survivor by a snake line driving style and can observe how the concentration bars in the display are continuously reducing. Also on board is the function Lane Departure Warning. She warns the driver acoustically against unintentional leaving the road. Here is already an intrusive horn sound, if you want to override without flashing or change the road. While this is not pleasant, but it probably helps to add mindlessness. Because it should use a second sleep, you will be rejected with a whole arsenal of auditory and visual irritation again.

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