Volvo: operated top diesel for the s80 d5

Volvo: operated top diesel for the s80 d5

Koln, 17. November 2008 – More power and torque with less consumption. The Sweden promise the Sweden for the improved version of the strongest S80 diesel engine. Auber an optimized intake and exhaust tract as well as advanced common rail injection, the Swedes also donate the Funfzylinder a new loader system. From now on comes the D5 with register charging, ie: In the lower speed range, a small, fast responsive Turbo sets the combustion chambers under prere, while at high speeds a coarse turbine superscover this task.

Strong, but not thirsty

The result of the renovation: From now on the charged self-cord 205 instead of 185 hp. The maximum torque has been increased from 400 to 420 Newton meters. In addition, the Sweden promise a more harmonious power output: a turbochool should not be laceable thanks to the recruitment of the tab reclass in the new D5. According to Volvo, the increased performance will not have a negative impact on the sprit consumption. With manual transmission, the refreshed engine consumes 6.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers – 0.2 liters less than the process according to the manufacturer in the NEFZ – 0.2 liters. This also corresponds to a lower CO2 outlet of 164 grams per kilometer (previously: 169 grams). That the new diesel fears the euro 5 standard was allowed to ame. Gratifying: Motoruarbuilding affects only minimally on the prices of the S80 D5. The basic model is from 38.To have 600 euros, so only 290 euros more than before. Orders for the strengthened diesel sedan take the Sweden immediately.

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