Volvo c30 bev with electric drive

Volvo c30 bev with electric drive

Goteborg (Sweden), 21. September 2009 – Although there is no serial electric car on this IAA, at least not of Western automakers. But at least most of the more or less serious concept vehicles have to be presented. Volvo’s contribution is called C30 Bev.

Elektro-C30 for the city

The short Bev stands at the C30 concept vehicle for "Battery Electric Vehicle". Parallel to the already decided to introduce a Volvo plug-in hybrids in 2012, the Sweden also explore the pure electric drive. For this purpose, some C30-Bev prototypes are created to be tested on heart and kidneys. The choice of the C30 as the basis fell according to Volvo due to its compact decons and the relatively low weight. Lennart Stegland, Director of the Department of Special Vehicles, sees the purpose of the Elektro-C30: He expects the use "predominantly in the city and its surrounding area for the day’s way to work". To the questions that should be clarified with the C30 BEV, those belonged to the best place for the lithium-ion batteries with a coarse of 24 kilowatt hours (kWh). While the electric motor finds place under the front hood, the batteries are the safest accommodation in the center tunnel or at the place of the gasoline tank.

Range up to 150 kilometers

The top speed of the C30 BEV amounts 130 km / h, the acceleration at speed 100 takes place in 10.5 seconds. The range quantifies Volvo to 150 kilometers. Charging at the domestic socket takes about eight hours. Already in 2007, the study C30 Recharge was shown on the IAA, at that time plug-in hybrid technology under the C30 body. In this drive Volvo sees most of the potential with regard to the combination of range and environmental friendliness.

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