Volkswagen: comparison for three-liter diesel in usa

Volkswagen has negotiated another comparison with US plague in the exhaust gas fraud Affare. There is a fundamental treatment with agents and customers on repairs, backbuffs and decals in good 80.000 Diesel trucks have been reached, the stateized US judge Charles Breyer at Thursday at an appeal to San Francisco. It’s about Greater cars from the group like Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg and various Audi models with forbidden shutdown devices.

Volkswagen welcomed the compromise in an opinion, the Group thanked customers and handlers for their patience. Already on Tuesday you had agreed with the US resists, backpacking for about 20.000 ages of the vehicles concerned with 3.0-liter diesel engines of the Group subsidiary Audi. In the remaining cars, Volkswagen first preserves the chance for technical recovery. If this fail, there are also back purchase.

Details until the end of January

Who at the hearing on Thursday – the because of a delay of Volkswagen-Lawyal could start with a little proclusion – for more details of the intended comparison, was destroyed. Breyer merely released the protocol that the Group has become the payment of "substantial reductions" with the vehicle owners. The details of the agreement should be worked out until the end of January. Then the judge will give the proposals before he on 14. February 2017 decides on its premier consent. For the time, silence had been arranged.

In addition to rucking, repairs and reductions, VW has to deposit $ 225 million in an environmental fund and support the use of emission-free cars in the United States with $ 25 million. Overall, the cost of the second deal with US plagors remain difficult to conclude difficult because of the lack of details. At about 475.000 diesel cars with 2.0-liter engines had already closed Volkswagen, which can cost the car maker up to $ 16.5 billion. So far, 18.2 billion euros were resumed for the storage of the loads from the diesel crisis.

Volkswagen had caught in September 2015 after the US environmental hopes prompted to have manipulated in a rough style of exhaust tests. Around 11 million vehicles worldwide are affected by the scandal. Inside North America, the group is bothered against decalversions. But even in Germany and Europe, lawyers want to compelled in court reparation for customers. In America, the case is also not astoned – it continues to threaten criminal consequences of the US judiciary.

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