Volkswagen boss muller promotes for diesel and natural gas

Volkswagen boss muller promotes for diesel and natural gas

Volkswagen boss Matthias Muller wants to increase the attractiveness of diesel engines and natural gas drive with two independent corporate and brand-shaped campaigns. The VW brand has drawn the crisis of both technologies single-handedly. After the diesel scandal, a natural gas touran exploded for rusted tanks. For the rescue of diesel and natural gas in the car, Group chef Muller now asks the help of competitors. Both diesel engines and natural gas drive are also elementary in the future for the reduction of the CO2 emissions, Muller said.

Volkswagen boss Muller Warb on Tuesday (2. May 2017) in the Automobile WOChead, For a common commitment of automobile manufacturers for diesel cars and natural gas in the car. Europe’s big automotive group wants to contribute two campaigns to strong the technologies that the Group brand VW has brought into bad acceptance problems. Through adventless right of law in the US, the Group brand VW 2016 caused the decline of the diesel. In the same year, through the explosion of a natural gas tourans, it became clear that VW had operated a slightly rustproforge in natural gas tanks in the past.

Although the diesel drive has to fight with strong counterwind in politics and publicity: "In our view, the modern diesel is part of the solution, not the problem," Muller said Automotive week. According to the Volkswagen, according to Volkswagen, a campaign at which other manufacturers should participate. Muller said to the leaf, a campaign for self-cunning should be done best, because not only Volkswagen was affected. Other manufacturers needed diesel to achieve the state CO2 goals.

With a view to threatening driving bans in inner states, Group Chief Muller said it is problematic to condemn Euro-5 diesel "generally". Matthias Muller did not concern the fact that many euro-5 diesel engines had less nitrogen dioxide than some Euro 6 diesel. Muller relies on a replenishment for Euro 5 diesel engines. There should be a lot of car manufacturers together?. In particular, Baden-Wurttemberg’s Minister Prosident Winfried Kretschmann is "quite open" for reasons of refusing diesel engines.

In the view of the industry association VDA, however, reviews are difficult: "From an economic point of view, a reusing to Euro 6 can hardly be displayed," said VDA in an opinion. Muller but does not believe that. This must be prugal intense. For Volkswagen, the economy is not in the foreground. The Group is convicted anyway to restore diesel vehicles in the US. Maybe through a replenishment for Europe, the possibility of relieving the Volkswagen balance sheet.

Because of the growing criticism of the diesel engine, the auto industry fears billions in investments. Most recently, it became known that today’s diesel cars, according to the Federal Environment Agency, the EU limit on the strain is many times over. According to a Forsa survey, only two of five diesel drivers are planning to buy a diesel during the next car purchase. However, Volkswagen expects that gasoline and diesel specify the tone despite the trend to new drives. Modern internal combustion engines remained "for at least 20 years of elemental", Group Chef Matthias Muller had said at the Vienna engine symposium. The Volkswagen Group will invest up to 2022 ten billion euros in the development of the internal combustion engine, expertise Muller. In electrical and hybrid engines, nine billion euros should be added until then.

By 2025, the gas fleet should be increased to around one million vehicles in this country, Volkswagen shared with. The number of CNG petrol stations – CNG stands for "compressed natural gas", natural gas or regenerative gas from OKO electricity – should rise in the same period of around 900 to 2000. A corresponding declaration of intelligence signed Volkswagen, gas network providers and operators of CNG filling stations. The project is not just about passenger cars, but also for trucks and public transport in the city and municipalities. Because of his short-term availability, natural gas is an "important building block" for the eco-friendly mobilitat of the future, explained Ulrich Eichhorn, Head of Research and Development at Volkswagen. How exactly the goal is to achieve was initially not fixed. Concrete measures should be agreed separately.

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