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According to an international survey, the mistrust is high against the US policy and the American war against terrorism, the Iraq war has still demanded after the view of most terrorism

The intention of the new Government of Spain to draw the troops from Iraq to criticize the war and to turn stronger to the old Europe was only the last blow for the offensive policy of the Bush government and the following coalition of the willing. The occupation of Iraq seems to have understood after a new international survey the negative attitude towards the US, even if most respondents in the western countries are quite decided that it would be better to the Iraqis after the fall of Hussein.

In the Muslim countries, the USA, especially because of their support of Israel, have long been a bad image because of the Alliance with corrupt and authoring Arab regimes for a long time. Since the 11.9. and the exclusion of the war against the (Islamist) terror, the already damaged reputation has fallen deeper. The unilateral power policy is suspected of interests, which also pursues a reorganization of the Middle East region with military prere, whereby the Americans are often accused of measuring with two MAB.

An on behalf of the PEW Research Center in mid-February to the beginning of Marz, so before the abandonment in Madrid, carried out in nine countries (Germany, France, Great Britain, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, USA) comes a year after the Beginning of the Iraq war on a fatal result for the policy of the Bush government. Except for Russia and coincidence, most people of the respondents say the US government surported to terrorist attacks. In the US, this only see 13 percent.

The spin policy of the Bush government does not pay off

However, the approval of the American war has become terrorism in Russia, Morocco and in Turkey Grober. In Russia as well as in the European countries, although the majority of people are not behind the Iraq war – even the consent in the US and in the United Kingdom, but behind the war approached by the US against terrorism. In the Muslim countries, even in Turkey, this is not the case. Interesting goods how the Madrider will affect the opinion formation. Apart from the American and strangently the Jordanian burgers, the majority in the coarse countries believe that the invasion of Iraq held the war against terrorism. Oberdies believes, in turn, apart from the British and Americans, the majority of respondents not to the sincerity of the US war against terrorism. The chess stock of the Bush government and the propagandistic dizziness of the practiced spin policies apparently not only focus on the Spanish elections as a long term for the US interests pollptive strategy. Although it is apparent to bring a long time to one’s own population, but not the world substitute.

Graphic: Pew Research Center

As an indication of the assessment of American politics, the answers to the question can serve if one has confidence in that Americans demand democracy after the war. Although these are 69 percent of the Americans, but even the bonded British (41%) are skeptical here. According to the British, Germans are the most likely (24%) on the Democratic intentions of the United States, even though 70% do not believe this right. In Pakistan only 5% of this trust in the USA. The question of honesty certainly also plays a role, because except for people in the US and in the UK, the majority of respondents ame that the American and British government have lied to Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Even now, this only shows 31 percent of the Americans so. There are therefore not only between the Bush government, but also between the Americans and people of many other countries a rough gap in the assessment of American politics.

Except for the Americans, Bush is rejected by a majority in all countries. Moderate are still the British, Russians and Turken with a rejection of 57-67%. In the main countries, the values rise to over 80%, in Morocco and Jordan even over 90%. However, at least at the Europeans, the attitude towards the US distinguished to the opposite of the Bush government. Although the approval rates in all countries are reflected during the last few years, about two-thirds are positive about the Americans. In Turkey you are divided opinion, in the other Muslim countries, the rejection can be used. The Americans again judge the British, but also the Germans, France and the EU are already falling off.

So believe, in turn, to the British and Americans, most respondents that behind the war against terrorism is the attempt, the olerresources in the "Middle East" to control. In the Muslim countries, most of them also see the US as a world domination, which also see 53% of the French and 47% of Germans. Surveys in the Muslim countries too that behind it is the intention to protect Israel. Extreme differences also exist with regard to the setting to the Israeli-palastic conflict. While in the US, people with 46% of much more people took the Israelis as the Palasticians (12%) sympathy, this is more balanced in Russia, Germany, France and Great Britain. In the Muslim countries, the opinion is almost unanimous. Only a 1 percent – in Turkey 6 percent – feel here sympathy for Israel.

Iraqi population wants security, a strong man at the top and no occupying troops

During the majority of Iraqis in a survey carried out on behalf of several European television broadcasters, afterwards, after all, it was that their lives be better than before the war under Hussein, and 71% hope that it will become even better in one year, these people in the Muslim countries apparently different. This was allowed to do with the general rejection of US policies and with the information conveyed on the media than with a neutral assessment of the real situation.

In Iraq itself, people are torn. Just as many see the invasion of the coalition troops as liberation or. consideration. The Iraqi politicians of the Post-Hussein-Ara in the Government Council, which was occupied by the Americans, no confidence is brought back. Two-thirds rely on a strong man who is all right, although over 70 percent are at the same time for the introduction of democracy. The longing for the authority is lacking, because the Iraqis mainly want to restore public security. However, a "Iraqi government", but neither the US nor the UN worries. Asked if you think other Iraqis attacks on coalition troops that are acceptable to US civil formation or civilian employees, agreed with the 17 or. 13 or. 10 percent.

Bin Laden and suicide stop is in the Muslim countries high in the course

Not only in the Muslim countries, even in Russia, more people (37%) ame that the Iraqis in Post-Hussein-Iraq is no better than vice versa (31%). This takes over 60 percent of the German and French as well as 80 percent of the British and Americans. In Turkey and Morocco, the skeptics are bending with 44/41 or. 48/37, which is strategically particularly important for the USA Pakistan and Jordan, however, the rejection is huge, even though in all countries a little more people than another year before that it is better to go to the Iraqis after the fall of Hussein.

Frightingly high is the acceptance of suicide assault against the occupation forces in Iraq, especially in Morocco and Jordan. 66 or. 77 percent are available here as justified, in Turkey or in Pakistan after all 31 or 31. 46 percent. Clearly high is the consent to suicide impairment of the Palastians.

And Osama Bin Laden is well viewed in the Muslim countries and is probably considered a kind of liberation hero. Ironically, in Pakistan, where American and Pakistani troops in the border area to Afghanistan go to the hunt for the Al Qaeda driver, 65% have a good opinion of this, in Jordan at least 55%, in Morocco 45%. Turkey is already immune to 11%.

Also interesting is that except for the Americans themselves, the remaining European federal partners simplify Russia and Turkey for a stronger independence of Europe. The British also looks like. Majority are the inhabitants of these countries – with the exception of the US – of the opinion that it was good if the EU was just as powerful as the USA. The French even votes 90% here, but also 70% of Germans are this opinion. Apart from France, however, the majority of respondents do not believe that the world became safer if there was another, the USA-bastard superpower. Although the United Nations are mostly judged by the British, Germans, French and Russians, by the Americans and Turken by majority positive, in the other Muslim countries, they also seem to see them as an instrument of Western power policies. Especially in Morocco and Jordan, the UN is rejected.

But also that is that the "War of cultures" According to religious accommodation seems to be suggested. While in the Muslim countries the Christians and above all the Jews are rejected, the Christian dominated landers see the Christians as positive, but have a significantly negative attitude towards Muslims. In the British, this is at the lowest at 18%, in France (29%), the USA (32%), Russia (38%) and especially in Germany (46%) is already much stronger.

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