Verband: too little use for sustainable traffic

The national standards, according to the opinion of associations, is not enough for an environmentally friendly and secure traffic. "Most countries refer to only legally required tarpaulins of the municipalities," criticized the transactions of the Allianz Pro Rail, Dirk Flag, in the presentation of the current "Federal Grand Index Mobilitat and Environment" on Wednesday (7. November 2018) in Berlin.

According to the study of the research institute Quotas Does Baden-Wurttemberg most for a sustainable traffic, followed closely by Thuringen and Rhineland-Palatinate. Lower lights are Niedersachsen and Bavaria. Germany Konnen after words of flawing his transport policy goals only with the help of the national. Also the chairman of the Environmental Organization Federation, Hubert Weifer, emphasizes that there were no sufficient losses for a road to a road. Critically, the federal government is above all the still high nitrogen dioxide values.

The investigation on behalf of the federal government, the Allianz pro rail and the German Road Safety Council (DVR) rated funf factors: traffic safety, larming, flat consumption, climate protection and air quality. In addition, traffic policy objectives included in the evaluation.

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