Verband: “landers do too little for sustainable traffic”

On the subject of sustainable traffic, Thuringen is from the point of view of bonds of the pioneer among the Bundeslandel. Nekeit follow Berlin and Rhineland-Palatinate. This shows the "Federal Index Mobilitat and Environment", the lobby association Allianz per rail On Wednesday (14.12.2016) presented in Berlin. Accordingly, the federal standards had to do more to traffic "Safe and cleaner" to make, said business drivers Dirk. "The Lander should not go into a spectator role". The worst cuts Brandenburg, Bavaria and Hamburg.

The investigation in cooperation with the Environment Association of the Federal Association and the German Traffic Safety Council (DVR) rated funf factors: traffic safety, larming, flat consumption, climate protection and air quality. There are also tarpaulins in addition to statistics – good intentions drove to better reviews. The information was weighted for the ranking.

Carbon dioxide outstool and flat consumption per capita as well as the number of seriously injured in traffic have been risen for years, said flaw. "These are all developments that go into the wrong direction."The federal government Konne does not reach his ambitious goals without the help of the Lander. Leader Thuringen has defined state targets for air quality and least fine dust in the city – albeit a highly increased flat consumption. Loser Hamburg, on the other hand, has a lot of traffic lights, no goals for traffic safety and rising emission values. In the individual fields, the Federal Standers are partly on very different ranges.

"If we want to lower the number of toten accident victims by 40 percent through 2020, we can not satisfy ourselves with the countries of countries with the countries," said the DVR chairman Christian Kellner. Although there is less traffic note, but more seriously injured. "There are significant league problems throughout Germany," criticized the federal chairman Hubert Weifer. The fewest federal standards had concrete goals to get that.

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