Vda boss wissmann gives better place a cancellation

The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) expects a strong sales growth in Germany this year. "For domestic we expect a total volume of 2.75 to 3 million cars", said VDA-Prasident Matthias Wissmann Suddeutsche Zeitung From Monday. The goods a clear burglary, 2009 were sold in Germany 3.8 million vehicles, especially thanks to the scrapping program. "Clear: 2010 will be a rocky way", said Wissmann.

Wissmann stressed that the German manufacturers will be based on the recovery of important foreign labels such as China. "On the export it comes now." The American market is "in a catastrophic situation" but now, however, start to recover and get dressed in 2011/2012, so Wissmann. He warned the USA but to much protectionism. "I love America, but I do not make any illusions. The Americans are strong representatives of their interests. This goes to protectionist steps." For the introduction of electric cars, the German auto industry wool no subsidies from the Federal Government, said Wissmann.

The Better Place project of the former SAP Executive Board Shai Agassi to build a network of interchangeable batteries worldwide, he gave a clear cancellation. "This is a very intelligent business model of a gifted seller, but overlooking that a car is something else than a mobile phone. The phone does not matter so much on the brand. Already. With all austria you can use such replaceable batteries. With German brand cars you should not pursue such a model. At such a faceless mobility culture, we can not be interested."

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