Vattenfall builds 50 public electric petrol stations in berlin

Vattenfall builds 50 public electric petrol stations in berlin

Berlin, 24. June 2009 – after the first 50 Berlin burgers who had applied for half a year to rent an electrically powered Mini E, their cars could reception, the energy supplier Vattenfall now has the expansion of a network he operated publicly electric loads concool.

50 Positive charging panels in the city area

While there is a choice criteria that the testers are at home or at work can show a garage or carved parking, where a private "Wallbox" Install, over which the drive battery can be charged the night over or during the work. But now Vattenfall wants to build up 50 public charging stations in Berlin. The focus mabig should be within the environmental zone, say: within the S-Bahn Ring, arise. According to a card with the currently available "Car stream"-Stations are located charging oils but also in CityVenial districts like Spandau or Copenick.

Start on private reason

The publicly accessible electricity is currently being built on private countries, to the partners of Vattenfall pay the supermarket chain REWE, gas station operators Total, the fair Berlin, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Technical University (TU). The electric company RWE, which together with Daimler also in Berlin has announced a fleet attempt with electric smarts, first sets a private partner in its charging panels and wants to electrify parking space in parking homes of the operator APCOA electrify. According to an envision of Vattenfall, the city of Berlin will also provide Kunftig flat for electricity gas stations. After observation of the RWE project manager, however, negotiations with the Berlin Municipal districts have proven to be aware of charging stations in public space than Zah. By which Vattenfall can play out here his home advantage in the capital: Only in 2005, the traditional Berlin force and light (Bewag) -aktiengesellschaft was supposed by the Swedish energy giant and renamed Vattenfall Europe AG.

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