Us wanted in sudosteurope russia from the weapons market

US wanted in SudosTeurope Russia from the weapons market

Conflict with Turkey, the American F-35 jets and the Russian S-400 missile defense system wants. Image: dod

With funds from the European Recapitalation Incentive Program, Lander is to buy US weapons and also militar-technical dependents from the USA

The US lie in the dispute with Turkey, which, on the one hand, wants to buy the Russian air defense system S-400 and American F-35 stealth fighters. In addition, Turkey wants to build parts of the fighter aircraft in the country and participate in their development. The US have been confused to make the deal burst when Turkey buys the Russian systems, Russia has again offered as a substitute for F-35 fighters to deliver Su-57 fighters of the latest generation.

During the Turkey as a NATO state at the interface between the West, Russia and the Middle East and also co-technically cooperate with NATO and Russia or. their interests want to play their own advantage against each other. After the Turky Defense Minister Akar already received 4 F-35 jets, the training of pilots and the training of maintenance personnel in the US continues.

Previously, he explained that Turkish soldiers were trained in Russia for the operation of the S-400 and indicated that Russian soldiers could come to Turkey. It is still stained to time. Originally, the delivery of the S-400 systems should begin in June or July. The purchase was decided, so akar, the systems came in the next few weeks. Kremlin spokesman Peskov said, however, there are no delivery delays. The Turkish Prasident Erdogan suggested the establishment of a working group to set up Donald Trump. On the other hand, the Turkish ambassador in Washington, Serdar Kılıc, said the F-35 jets was stationed outside the range of the S-400. In Syria, where Russia S-400 has installed, F-35 were also flying, he said something tricky.

Economic program for the US rusts industry

Probably also on this background, the US Aufeminium has started the European Recapitalation Incentive Program (ERIP) last year. Thus, the NATO room in the sudenost and landers, which one wants to accommodate in the course of the Easter extension, should be hoped by still remaining Russian weapons and be replaced by American. This is to happen in NATO countries Albania, Greece, Croatia, Nordmasedonia and Slovakia as well as in Bosnia, who wants to join NATO. With the financial syringe, the countries must promise not to buy new Russian weapons more, but continues to bring spare parts for weapons that are already in their possessions.

The strategy is to support the countries financially – and to put politically under prere – which usually still to replace weapons from the time of the Soviet Union by American. So it is not only a state export aid for the American rust industry to engraving their market, but also the attempt to reduce Russia and to damage his rusts industry. In addition to the additional profits of the US rust industry, the countries with the weapons buy from the USA depending on the US and NATO becomes even strong dependent on the USA, which is also sold as a coarse compatibility with exercises or war elements.

The European Deterrence initiative (EDI), which is started under Barack Obama, was started, but under Donald Trump was equipped with significantly more money. For the financial year 2019, it was 6.5 billion US dollars, which are to decline in the financial year to 5.9 billion. Of these, 250 million for weapon buying to Ukraine should go to bind the country to themselves and to separate from Soviet weapon systems, but also in ahead view of a NATO recording, which Washington has long been massive. Overall, how the Pentagon is writing, the US military Prasenz is stronged in Europe with $ 2 billion, it should take place with $ 600 million more exercises with Allies and partners, the storage of US equipment is expected to be expanded ( 2.4 billion) and the infrastructure "For a coarse dedication" to be improved with 517 million.

ERIP, even within the framework of the budget for financing foreign militars of just over 6 billion, is still a relatively small program of the Auf Ministry. It is interesting that these billions do not appear as rusts in the defense budget. According to media reports, 190 million US dollars were granted. For example, Bosnia is to receive $ 30 million for the purchase of helicopters or Greece also 25 million for fighting vehicles. The money will take you next to the purchase also training and maintenance. However, only 2 countries have filed an application for obtaining the approved funds.

The Foreign Office wants to spend in a second round in the financial year 2020 between 50 and 100 million to support weapons buy in the USA. Apparently one sees the program as helpful to strongly strong the interests of the US abroad and wants to expand it over Sudosturopa, "to compete against Russia and China and help our partners to get away from Russian and Chinese equipment or stay away". One thinks of other NATO member states such as Poland or the Baltic States, but also to Lander in Central Asia, Sudostasia and Africa.

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