Us government hold on to guantanamo

Renewed CIA prison transfer to Guantanamo proves that there are still CIA secret quotes

The CIA once again has a prisoner to the US militar giving Guantanamo on Cuba, in which there are still over 270 people in custody. That was known by the US Department of Defense last week. Muhammad Rahim-al Afghani, allegedly a former translator Bin Laden, was held for months in a secret CIA coger, according to US government officials and was held. The transfer Rahims to Guantanamo is at least the third, since the Bush administration has officially snapped the existence of secret CIA fishing, so-called Black Sites (US Prasident Bush confirms and justifies the secret CIA fishing and heeling methods). Already in September 2006, 14 prisoners had been relocated to Guantanamo after being previously given up to four and a half years without contact with the Aunewelt in secret CIA fishing. Since then, four more prisoners have been transferred to Guantanamo, at least one of them from secret CIA detention.

Cell in the prison camp Guantanamo. Image: Pentagon

The "overrun" Rahims from secret CIA detention into the prison camp Guantanamo is another indication that the US continues to operate secret quotes in which adhesives are illegally recorded and tortured. Muhammad Rahim Al-Afgani was arrested by the Ortal Police last summer in Pakistan and give the CIA in August. The Ministry of Defense describes him as a "high-ranking member of Al-Qaeda" and a "tight familiar of Osama Bin Laden". He should have helped the terrorist chief with the flee of US soldiers from the Afghan Bergversist Tora Bora at the end of 2001, it is called from circles of US intelligence and the Ministry of Defense.

In a memo, which circulates among employees of the CIA, CIA Director of Michael Hayden Rahim also accused, he had helped in the recruiting of terrorists and tries to procure chemical weapons for an attack on US troops in Afghanistan – this attack never found however instead of. Rahim had helped Al Qaeda, Taliban and other US opponents in Afghanistan, quoted the Washington Post the CIA boss. Rahim was "first given to the CIA in the face of his past and the continued threat for US interests".

How thousands of other prisoners who are held by the US in Afghanistan, Iraq, on Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, Rahim was not charged with no crime, and he also has no contact with burger or human rights organizations.

US government hold on to Guantanamo

US Air Force Point Bagram. Google Maps / Digital Globe

CIA and Pentagon officials have not yet announced either Rahim’s arrest or his survey details. Local newspapers in Pakistan and Afganistan love view that Rahim in Spade July 2007 in Lahore after paying a bounty in 200.000 US dollars were arrested and then had to give the "US dispute" in custody. On 2. August 2007, the Pakistani newspaper The Nation reported, Rahim had probably been either "in the custody in Bagram or on Guantanamo". The Air Force Point Bagram in Afghanistan is known for the mistreatment and torture of prisoners detained there.

In a vague opinion, Hayden explained opposite the press, Rahim was "finally advised in US custody and … included in the CIA Verhal program."This suggests the conclusion that Rahim was recorded in one of those secret prestiges, as the CIA uses in Egypt, Jordan or Syria. In these facilities, prisoners are exposed to subsequent torture practices, including the "waterboarding" resulted in sad sadness; They are beaten, forced over Studen and days in stress positions and raised to chains for a long time. Under the break of international laws, the Bush government refuses observers of the International Committee of the Red Cross to goute access to these prison camps.

Guantanamo Camp V Maximum Security Facility. Image: Google Maps / Digital Globe

According to the New York Times, "intelligence officers did not want to say whether the CIA has used the Rahim’s survey in months of secret imprisonment any of those methods that they refer to as ‘extended techniques’". Nevertheless, the newspaper CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano, who claimed, quoted "this arrest happened, like the others, in accordance with US law". This formulation lets up. According to the "Legal Theory" developed by the Bush government, American law allows a coarse bandwidth of horticulturics, even if it is practical by international law, such as the Geneva conventions – and therefore also by US laws – as torture-referenced practices. To remove international law, the Bush government has created the special category of the "enemy camphor" for prisoners who were arrested and trailed by the USA.

US official are that the CIA does not apply the "Waterboarding" when asked for prisoners. However, the Bush government has confirmed the last month that the Prasident authorizes the application of "waterboarding" in prisoners and reserved the decision to authorize this practice, whenever it appears necessary. In addition, CIA and militar tenders regularly apply other "extended survey techniques", such as sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation (minimization of sensory stimuli), extreme heat or cold as well as the sounding with larm and forced stress support.

"How more prisoners who arrived in Guantanamo," said the Pentagon with, Will Rahim "go through a period of the acquisition, where he would help him to turn to the magnifiers and procedures. He will receive a prisoner serial number and be available before a Combatant Status Review Tribunal."

US government hold on to Guantanamo

In such rooms, the Combatant Status Review Tribunals (CSRT) take place. Image: Pentagon

The tribunals set up by the Bush Government for reviewing the Combatant Storage (CSRT) is quite everything else than impartial legal institutions. Rather, their function is to assign the prisoners to the "enemy camphor" status by denying access to civilian courts and elementary democratic rights. In the context of the tribunals, the military bearings can use evidence against the prisoners obtained under torture, while other evidence can be accompanied by means of "national security". Also, prisoners can also be excluded from their own procedures.

Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reported to the Bush administration. In it, the burger rights organization according to the Information Freedom Law calls for the release of the unreated protocols from the tribunals against 14 other so-called "highly careful" prisoners. According to ACLU, the prisoners describe how they were tortured during their captivity in secret CIA fishing.

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