Uni wittenberg goes online 204 years after living online

Uni Wittenberg goes online 204 years after LIVING ONLINE

As early as 1502, the "Leucorea" was founded by Wittenberger Universitat. She quickly gained gross importance and was temporarily the most-frequented German university. During the "coarse university dysfs" around the turn of the century to the 19. Century ended this success story: through the association with the University of Hallen founded in 1694, the Leucorea 1817 was repealed. Now the University of Wittenberg under the project "Leucorea Online" after all is resurrected on the web again.


"Since the internet gives, every institution that has something to stand up, has its own website. Who has no, basically does not exist in general public perception – resp. has not existed."I am on the home page. The online prasence of the old-sorry university is intended to receive this in the cultural thought of the company alive.

The new website has a modern university. A newsfeed on the home page reports about the birthday of Caspar Cruciger to the ages on 1. January – was born the theologian and reformer in 1504. The whole thing is far more than a Hubsche PR mapping, because the website makes extensive historical sources available. She was created as a node, which moved to the digitized passed the Leucorea, according to the description. More than 850 full-text files from digitized original sources of research literature to popular representations are available to the visitor.

Based on the documents, the alternate history of the university can be understood in detail. Apart from a timeline with central events from 1502 to 1817, there are several overall representations for university history and numerous individual documents. The University of Wittenberg had four options: the artistic / philosophical, theological, legal and medical faculty. Significant university teachers like Philipp Melanchthon and Martin Luther are presented with their main works.


With the website, the Wittenberger Universitat awarded online forelectivity, writing the initiators of the project. "Thus, with some delay, the abniced circumstance could be remedied that the Leucorea had been repealed from the perspective of the Internet age 180 years to sudden."

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