Through windows 11 shows new surface design, start menu and more

Almost a week before the official presentation of the next generation of the Windows operating system, a pre-release version is leaked. This confirms the name "Windows 11" and brings a new surface design with. However, it is still a happy, not completely finished version of Windows 11, so that with other changes is expected before it is released for users.

On the Developer Conference Build 2021 Microsoft-CEO Satya Nadella has a short time "Next Generation"-Windows knows that you "as the big update of the decade" would be introduced to the afternut. Details or a name Named Nadella. This should be on the 24. June 2021 at a present at 17:00 German time present presentation, which will be streamed live. The preview of pre-release version gives a taste and betrayal that we have it with Windows 11.

Centered taskbar, start window insteadmenu

The most obvious changes to Windows 10 can be seen in the taskbar. This is centrally positioned with start menu and quick start and app symbols, but can optionally be set as usual left-bundled. The start menu is no longer upside down, but open in a separate window. The windows are also rounded to the corners.

Windows 11 screenshots

Through windows 11 shows new surface design, start menu and more

Windows 11 StartMenu

The start menu of Windows 11 is simplified against Windows 10. It does not contain an animated tiles more and includes merely colored apps and the most recently used files in a recommendation list. Besides, there is a button shutdown or restart. In addition, a "Dark fashion" offered.

Memories of Windows 10x, new widgets

The surface design and the start menu remember the now set Windows 10x, which was planned as a set Windows 10 for cheaper devices. Microsoft explained to integrate important components of the for Windows 10x in May to integrate important components of Windows 10x technology into other parts of Windows and products for companies. This is already implemented with Windows 11.

Close to Windows 11 had mentioned the return of the widgets. In the taskbar of the pre-release version, a corresponding switch can be found. The widgets are not fully functional in the current breakfast version. They should provide quick access to news, weather conditions and other Internet offers.

Microsoft Store Emerenced, Greater Xbox Integration

The Microsoft Store integrated in Windows 11 has no major changes, at least not in the pre-release version. For information The Verges Uberholt Microsoft the Windows App Store so that developers can set all Windows programs there, including browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

Furthermore, Microsoft binds the Xbox portfolio narrower in Windows 11. The new Xbox app is integrated into the operating system and offers quick access to the related games, the Xbox social network and the Xbox store. the "Xbox Game Bar" And the game mode are in the pre-release version of Windows 11, however, otherwise opposite Windows 10.

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