“This is not a plan for factory bonds, that’s a savings plan”

Renault Clio Tce 100 Experience (v) Photo: © M 93 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 (DE)

Renault receives a funf billions credit, for which the state of Burgt – 15.000 Workplaces want to reduce the car maker still

Today, the French car manufacturer Renault announced that he will receive new loans from banks to high levels of up to five billion euros, for the 90 percent of the French state of Burgt (cf. France gives state loan for Renault free). The analysts of Goldman Sachs graduated from the deficitors company "Neutral" on "Buy" High – and the share price usually rose around nine percent.

Before, Renault-Prasident Jean-Dominique Senard had one "Savings plan" presented for the company, which already wrote red numbers before the start of the sales break through the corona crisis. The manager emphasized, it does not handle one "Plan for factory drawings". A statement made for the plural, which is true insofar as only one of the 14 French works should be made: this in Choisy-le-Roi. For two other hazardous works in Maubeweuge and Douai, the French state pros was required as a condition for the billionenburg that is further produced there.

"Future plan"

Now sees a Bruno Le Maire negotiated with the French economic and Minister of Finance "Future plan" prior to the fact that they are prepared there for example electric cars and light commercial vehicles. Another plant in Flins at Paris should become a recycling center. And the factory in the northern French dieppe remains supposedly even if Renault should delete the sports car alpine from his product range.

Even if only one factory is closed, the number of around the world should be about 180.000 employees by 15.000 reduce. 4600 Jobs are to be eliminated in the motherland France, where production capacity is only about 60 percent. Further decisions will only fall if the new Renault Director-General Luca de Meo on 1. July starts his post.

Nationalized and privatized

The traditional company rounded in 1899 by 1944 was carried by Louis Renault alone from 1909 to 1944, which invented little new self, but much foreign patenting – including the drum brake, the turbocharger, the seat belt and the zund candle. A real invention was the rotatable protective tower, with which he equipped the French FT tanks in the First World War. Louis Renault was less gluck in the Second World War, where the German conquerors in 1940 presented him in front of the choice of working with the Wehrmacht or selling his company. After the change of power in 1944, he was detained and died four weeks later under not quite clarified circumstances. For the former French government, this death was not unconvinced insofar as she was able to nurse the company without any problems.

A good half-century later had turned the time spirit wind, and Renault was largely privatized. Then the company bought the Romanian Gunstigmark Dacia and the automotive division of the Korean Samsung-Mischner and rose with 20 percent in Volvo and 44 percent at Nissan. Nissan in turn acquired 34 percent of Mitsubishi’s shares in 2016. The Bundnis Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, from which one spoke afterwards, relaxed in the last year by the passes around the former manager Carlos Ghosn (cf. Keiretsu killer Ghosn throws Japanese justice conspiracy).

The Funf-billion burgschaft for Renault Nahrt also in Germany the desires of car manufacturers, which now can argue with a competitive party. Their political influence runs among other things via the Lower Sachsian Minister President Stephan because (in whose state is a larger part of the production lines of the Volkswagen Group), the Bavarian state father Markus Soder (which must be interested in the workplaces at BMW and Audi) and the Baden Wurttemberg Government Winfried Kretschmann (whose home next to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche also hosts numerous suppliers).

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