The war in the posttheroic society

the "Future Warrior" Herfried Muncler and Ignacio Ramonet explained in one "Dispute", Why it will Nothing with peace in Iraq and why the globalization wars will continue

The Schaubuhne Berlin and the forum of the Goethe-Institut Ludden on Sunday with the political scientist Munkler and the media researcher Ramonet two theorer artificial wars and slaughtered slaughter. The two-hour conversation stripped numerous topics dominant topics as the resulting "Frankenstein state" in Iraq, conspiracy theories around the 11. September, the transnational conflict between Europe and the US or the utopia of Porto Alegre.

The war in the posttheroic society

Iraq War: Baghdad is burning

Even after entering the 21. Century is the world full of "ethnic cleaning", Burger wars or terrorism and the unuseued fight against it. The war, whose definition is getting in the opposite of all its types of plays, seems umwise. In the western states and especially in Europe, he likes to pack in the coat of the "fair war". But that is quite cynical, as the example of Kosovo teaches. Because with this "hypocritical" concept "Let’s get a good conscience to zero tariff", says Ignacio Ramonet, media scientist in Paris and editorialists for the Le Monde Diplomatique. Should we seriously mean with the "Humanity intervention", We also had to intervene in Chechnya, Central Africa, Palastina or Tibet.

The unearimation of the opposite forms of warrior confrontation and their pathogies is roughly. To clear them, the Goethe-Institut asked the two experts in the "Disparity" the Berliner Schaubuhne. Rough divergences existed between Ramonet, who last year the book "Wars of the 21. Century" has published, and the Berlin political scientist Herfried Munkler, who already the Iraq war before his end in his youngest band "The new Gulf War" had analyzed (for the American way there is no majorities in Europe, nowhere!), However not. So, most of all, they are their hope for Europe, which should form a mabregeling counterpoint to the Empire US-Americanum. However, in detail, the two researchers maintain different readouts and cooperates. This is already exploring the podium discussion from the nature of the two "Counterparty": While the Frenchman talks from time to time in Rage, Munzler is always quiet, favorite and factual, even if interim calls come from the audience.

Iraq becomes the first "Country" completely privatized

The best example of the coordination and deviations is the look of authors on the situation in Iraq. "The US can not win peace there", Forecast Ramonet. The Bush Government with its neo-conservative environment understands the ideology of guidelines such as Paul Wolfowitz or Richard Pearl as a master in the "Nation Building" as well as supercharger and guarantee of democracy. But how to connect a republic to violence and usurpation?

"Iraq will be a first ‘state’ in history", Ramonet is slowly warm, "which is completely privated." The strain construction, the water and energy supply, all the important branches of the post-war economy were awarded to US companies. The company on site remains completely out.

Of a "Labor experiment" Sivalons and one before our eyes "Frankenstein state" speaks the Frenchman. It was only lacking that the Iraqis were rebelled.

The Americans have also become vulnerable for munclers since they have turned to the adventure nation-building in Iraq. Because they could ran brief wars with spacers, but not to cope with major losses in the long run. As a burial, the professor of the Humboldt University indicates that the US – as well as Europe – in the phase of "postthero" have occurred. Mission statements like "honor" or "Sacrifice" were no longer working, but only tomahawks. In contrast to the opponents from the still strong archae-ordered companies, whose equivalents of Cruise Missiles are the suicide. They still had the zeal to die for a surprising goal.

Europe, you have it better

For both, today the United States are the rough ubel and the old Europe of the calculation of all hope. Militarian has not been a rival for the US for ten years, emphasizes Ramonet. Therefore, be the rough hegemon who talk about his power. Europe speaks the professor for audiovisual communication on the other hand "A moral consideration from historical experience" to. It have "All wars fought, to the horror of the deceleration camp", and recognized that violence is not a solution. The old continent therefore does not mimen the vassal of the USA, but must have the imperialist one "Solidary, but historical reading" counteract the events.

Behind the Iraq war and behind the tensions between the old and the new continent, the honorary prassident of Attac sees (http: // www.Attac.Org /), however, generally lurk the grace of globalization. Globalization is bad for him per se: market against state, private VS. Public and egoism instead of solidarity are his association pairs to the title term. But Ramonet does not want to defend the state, then the totalitar will have to be, the Third Reich or the Soviet Union had demonstrated.

More than in the complex Europe, Ramonet sees in the "Civil society" and in the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the future. The Attac thinker comes into the Blackmen when talking about Porto Alegre. In this hitherto held three times "Assembly of humanity" he can "Embryo of an actor recognize, with which you have to expect". Verbands, clubs, NGOs and unions were there against the "Processing through globalization" proceed. The movement is through and by bourgeoic, as they are like the revolutionaries in the 18th. century "More justice and equality" call.

Capture the globe state

Here, the differences reveal to muns that looks more skeptical in the future and above all the NGOs "Democratiedefizit" subordinate. In his opinion, the way out of the warlike confusion of the present could only bring a model in which Europe is quite a stability lying in state and nation thoughts "In the worldwide mabboat" exported. The most important role of the state lies with him in the enforcement of law and order against the "Gang", the "Economic criminal" or the "social cust" In our societies.

You have to keep this state monopoly and at the same time "capture the globe state" or the "Globalize European model." But it needs a long breath and the willingness, one "Fille Ethical Paradoxies" to suffer. For example, you have to be ready to push on child soldiers. The alternative is a US-caught imperial order with small prosperity zones and "Barbarian boundaries", on which the war in the form of small, static needle styles is permanently in progress.

No prospects. However, the auditorium wanted to take a look at a look and kept cooking the question of whether the war lugs presented by Bush and Blair are not the actual scandal. And whether the gentlemen on the podium do not believe that all terrorism is not ultimately from the USA "self-made" may be. Again, Muncler and Ramonet showed a now expected response scheme. With the "WEEVENTION OBSESSIONS" If he did not start anything, the German professor said. Intelligence information about the 11. September had been present in advance. However, in the amount of the world’s extracted data, it is really not really confirmable that they were not implemented in the operational process in good time.

His French colleague did not want to be out of no way as an appendine of conspiracy theories. "But the 11. September was an event on which you only waited" In the US government, he said. The whole apparatus had already been ready to control the burgers stronger and the "World War against international terrorism" to start. It gives it today "incomparably less terrorism than 20/30 years ago", Emports Ramonet. In Europe, only the ETA is active, in America you can now still make up terrorist dangers in Colombia. In Rio alone, in recent ten years, more children were shot dead in the social daily warrior than at the same time people in the Middle East had become victims of terrorism.

By Stefan Krempl, the Telepolis book will be released "War and Internet. Away from the propaganda?" in the publisher Heinz Heise. ()

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