The tremendous power of the negative

The tremendous power of the negative

Globalism is the universalization of the American lifestyle

Capitalistic globalization appears to be centered for more detailed consideration from two reasons for America. First, because it explains the American subculture of nihilistic consumption and the individualistic fragmentation for general-generally, and is related to the project of Hedonist and Liberal Libertinism, the Cool, Trendy, Glamor and Releasable and represents a new totalitarianism. Globalism is nothing more than the universalization of the American lifestyle and thus the material and intangible strengthening of the world. Second, globalization is American oriented because they find their own expansion vector in the US military power, wherever they stab on resistance.

At the geopolitical level, the monarchy of the dollar – this Leviathan is the new planetary order – as the globalized, capitalist market, whose armed aircraft he represents. They rubbed and destroy everything that prevents the unlimited expansion of the market, the free circulation of the newly defined people, the total mercantilization of life and the individualistic privatization of society: is the jury enemy of all political decisions of Souveran states, the territorial boundaries the religions of the transcendence, the welfare state, social protest movements against liberal totalitarianism, classical limiting ethics, the survival of independent governments that do not meet monopolar order and resist the Washington consensus, and most recently of the sense of tradition, the Enthusiasm for innovation, of which the capitalist-creative destruction lives.

Since 1989, since since it gives a single hegemonic state, we experience the methodological annihilation of all this, which does not match both symbolic and real level with the new globalized class order (from the family of the working world to the legal systems and the cultures). This corresponds to absolute capitalism, which is achieved by the overwinding of all limits.

Hegel was said that the tremendous power of the negative as universal alienation and as a loss of the self-part of humanity has completely unfolded – and in the superficiality and anger of a capitalist, value-oriented, in itself-ending annihilation as well as the exploitation of a class, the The Precare Knecht passively suffers.

Translation: Jenny Perelli

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