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Albert Speer procures the background – betrayal but nothing new

Joachim Fest is far too clever to can not put the basic problem of his decades of employment with Albert Speer himself. And so he throws Hitler’s builder and rather even before, "that everything he pretend, that contains exactly that kind of generalities that is so unsatisfactory". It must know, because the former FAZ editor, Hitler biographer and "Downfall"-Author has not only speers "memories", but also the "Spandauer daily" Lectured and between 1966 and 1981 numerous talks with Albert Speer guided, the most important content in the form of "Ruched thought protocols" be recorded.

These notes are now under the equally and unsuspecting title "The unanswerable questions" At Rowohlt appeared and revealed first, little new on the Morderischer employer. Speer tries to crash his personal fascination with idiosyncratic characterizations, but we know that thanks to feast and Eichinger, the last-year-old dream duo of German past ramification, even from the cinema. from "Hitler’s magic" Is there the speech and from "Viennese varnish"; Of course, the dictator also had his "loving sides", "involved", "even knitwear", and anyway a lot "charm", "warmth" and "energy".

This view on Hitler is questionable, but sufficiently known, and also about his favor for failed Wagner heroes, the potential "Bettaffare" (O-Tone Spear) With his daughter-in-law Winifred or the self-proclaimed driver failed attempt to enter into history at the same time as an ingenious program scientist, far-sighted councilors, detached calls of the arts and invincible general in the history, one has occasionally informed.

Unfortunately, there are the psyche of the early-sustained and spat converts just as little to report, which the nobility does not suspect, suspect or already know. Again and again tried to find out what spear knew as a prominent member of the crimes of the National Socialist Regime. This reacts routinely with evasive manorers, all the silence or mysterious reference "Unespacible questions", and firmly himself does not decay on the thoughts that was very obvious that the fanatic increase in rusting production, which his interview partner lasted until autumn in 1944, could already represent a crime even a crime itself. The war opponents, the reader from the trusted men’s round, at which the publisher Wolf Jobs Siedler still participated in the time, had lately unforgivable to debt by the unscrupulous bombardment of the German city:

We noticed he, spear, and the Allies had done everything as it were in the club to scare the end.

The most important conclusions, which are released from the reading of the book, thus relate to the relentless biographer, which is taken in borderline by the subject of his consideration. Joachim Fest is certainly aware of this danger, because the Nietzsche word from the abyss, in which one looks in for so long until the abyss look into a self, plays an important role in his considerations. Nevertheless, he always loses the distance, all sorts of confidentialities, a much loving detailedness and strange personal conflict. When the builder of the Nurely Party Party Sandand and the new Reichskanzlei treasons with the idea of working again as an architect after 20th anniversary sentence, noted:

Settlers also advised like me from the matter. You do not kink "Germania" Design and then a beer factory somewhere in Schleswig-Holstein.

As firmly polemized with schoonerability against the spear biographer Gitta Sereny and, as it were, reclaimed his study object as private possession, mixes in the few reflective moments of personal dispute over the criminal career of a hopeful educational burger, which with the peak point of their misconducts in the lack of cooperation with the Helpful historian achieved:

Undoubtedly, spear is sympathetic, intelligent and clear in conversation. But I wonder if it’s just the civilized to make him and its kind. Because even a man with his education, his mabs and his well-moral sensitence to the crime not only did not take any puzzle, but could sit with the criminals to tables – where goods then a border? Obviously there is none. Everything is bottom. (…To)

The book of M. Schmidt (Matthias Schmidt: Albert Speer – the end of a myth, Anm. D. Red.) had read. Very biased, but the evidence is not insignificant. In whole, it is exactly what I had sometimes. So, against the amptions speers, "Secrets". Dead and warned. To Siedler I said today, Speer has turned us a nose with the most faithful expression of the world. I’m not ready to see him.

The showcase Nazi

Tobias Moretti as Adolf Hittler and Sebastian Koch as Albert Speer in the Dokudrama "Spear and he" from Heinrich Breloer

But Joachim Fest is not the only one – 60 years after the end of the war and 100 years to Spefer’s birth (19. Marz) – this day with his life story. In May, the Ard Heinrich Breloers is a three-part Doku drama (O-Ton WDR) "Spear and he" be visible. Whoever lies over the shuddering title bravely and turns on, can be used by the comfortable television armchair, such as Sebastian Koch and Tobias Moretti the "Heart chambers of the Third Reich" embody. But Breloer, who is a potential "realistic picture" The two main characters want to draw, just looks in Speer not only a historical figure. "We all look at the third empire, whether we want it or not, through the glasses of Albert Speers", he explained after completion of the filming, which were created over 80 kilometers exposed footage.

That Breloer, who could still interview Speer 1980, wants to deal with the countless, often opposed sources of Serios, is about question. But this project contracts with the requirements of the public television, which also in the choice of subtitles (Part 1: Germania – The Dream, Part 2: Nurnberg – The Process, Part 3: Spandau – The Penalty) on Pure Sensation Lust?

A similar question was speer’s daughter Margret nissen, before they daranging after decades of silence, the younger German history with their personal family memories. Nissen rejected a stake in Breloers Doku drama, but was faster and television institution with the publication of their history. "Are you the daughter spear?" Appeared in February, but did not come out over a well-known Resumee:

I will ultimately have to separate between a historical and private father, because only so I can live with my memory of him.

In view of these three examples, the question must be allowed whether Spefer’s historical role is not surprised. Apparently, an unscrupulous career is suitable, who wanted to pull the emergency brake when the train was already derailed, and confessed his debt when he could not help anyone, neither the prominent Sundbock nor for the unexpected German, who also did not want to know nothing.

The question of who this Albert Speer really was, is ultimately answered relatively easy to answer. He was a long, crucial years of Hitler’s devoted servants, master builders and rust ministers, and after his own experienced, the man who is responsible for a considerable part of the worst crimes in the history of humanity, "The chinking hours of his life".

– Joachim Fest: The unanswerable questions. Chalk to Albert Spear, Rowohlt, 19.90 € – Margret Nissen: Are you the daughter Spear, DVA, 19.90 € – Heinrich Breloers Film "Spear and he" will be in the ARD at 09.05., 11.05. and 12.05. 2005 in each case by 20.3 pm aired

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