The powerlessness of the us prasident

The US is dominated by an inviolable alliance, which wants to secure the American power position by all means

There are only a few very simple questions:

  • Why did the United State Prassident did not manage over five years now to be able to engage his multi-renewed promise that he will shut up the unlawful camp Guantanomo?
  • Why did the Republican Party as its youngest candidate for the Prasident Office, an actor of classical sewing economic elite?
  • Why do the United States use all imaginable technical opportunities and a lot of staff to maximize any communication worldwide?
  • Why is the young woman to move digital elite to participate in monitoring with its coarse, global active internet companies?
  • Why fly in multi-world regions unmanned flights that fire rakets at the touch of a button from the US, the people on the ground dead?
The powerlessness of the US prasident

Seal of the USA: Peace or War?

Anyone who asks and reflects these questions will quickly end up with a single answer that experiences increasing underpinning daytime.

There must be an alliance in the USA, an inviolable alliance that is roughly seen from two souls.

Whose one is the command tip of a "Security structure", which offers the power agents such as intelligence services, militar, state apparatus. It has to be more powerful than the prasident – and the retention of Guantanamo simply denied. Only some cosmetic maps have been admitted. It has to see herself above the emergence and laws, democratic structures and international agreements and must have gained and / or secured itself as far as possible, perhaps completely free hand.

Your goal can only be to receive the previous political power of the United States by all means. Global monitoring does not mean the meaning that any spy transduces what I or you exchange with anyone else. Rather, the meaning is that, which is due to information and data through the monitoring "recorded" has been to use and use at the crucial moment for American interests.

The powerlessness of the US prasident

Back side of the Siegel of the US with the Allen’s eye

What the currently built new systems of the NSA will have to capacitates is sufficient to store the overall reachable global communication of the next decades and, above all, evaluate. And that out of the blue is killed at the push of a button, the most visible expression is how the many power are used.

Their other saille is the woven economic elite, which now consists of two groups. Those who wanted to have Mitt Romney as a prassident, stand for the classic soft Eastern Custenelite – who want to see their traditionally strong economic position directly in political power. To your immediate advantage, it sees itself.

The other part is the young woman digitalLite whose internet companies are globally active. She may only be reluctantly cooperate, because she deserves her money throughout the world – but only if you trust users outside the USA. On the other hand, she will know what the rough knucker you "Security structure" can throw between the legs. Lavabit is an impressive example. From this conflict, the lavation explains all the network giants.

One must be clear to the rest of the world: when it matters, all US-based companies will do what the "Security structure" demanded by you – or you will have to set your operation.

All of these power form an alliance that follows a single goal. The power position that the USA has been taking, to assert and develop into the foreseeable future for decades – against all contests, against all threats, against all competitors. And the new quality is that this with all agents he follows. Be it blob monitoring, be it an insight on individual, collective, state-owned and global level, be it economic espionage, be it targeted dead without court judgment. Not even the appearance of democratic or judicial control will be charged to the use of all the power.

The powerlessness of the US prasident

The all-like eye can also be found again in the transaction project of the NSA-Lausch programs, the Total Information Awareness program

Who calls now "Anti-Americanism!" – Yes, who is right. Alone, the anti-Americanism is not the critics, but is caused by this US policy. That the American people in his post-9/11 irritation allocate this is one of the coarse supports of the present. Unfortunately, no build-up is to be foreseeable that this policy could contain.

Only one Fubnote: If we look at the Drama of Egyptians against this background, is completely obvious that the US prefer a cemetery rope forced by the militar and preserved. A stretching political tug of marriage between Muslim Bruters and liberal power goods are much too unpredictable. Read the comments from Washington,

Another Fubnote: A Federal Government who does not recognize and acknowledge the scope of these developments that the EU is confusing and seeking itself, which overhangs to the agenda – such a government needs nobody. Can it really be that you will first wake up when US drones circle over Germany?

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