The incredible history of the completely ineffective bomb detector in iraq

After the devastating attack in Baghdad, the weak of the Iraqi government becomes clear, the wonder technique of the ADE 651 illuminates this exemplary

Further unknown is how many at the stop with an explosive truck in Karrada, a majority inhabited by Baghdad, began to live. With probably more than 200 dead people, at least it is one of the bloodiest connectivity even in the Iraqi capital. The IS, who has known to the stroke on the busy shopping strike in the Shiite Quarter, increasingly succeeds in deepening tensions in the country because the government is immersed in corruption and actions and the population, u.a. Protested by the Shiite Guide and Spiritual Moktada Sadr, for months in Baghdad.

After the attack, it came back to protests against the government. Worthful people delivered on Monday the convoy of head of government Al-Abadi, who visited Karrada, with stones, buckets and shoes and demanded his deposition. For a long time, the criticism of the government and the safety powers flourishes because they are unable to prevent the variety of bombing on the city. At the same time, the politicians certainly live in the fortress-saved Green Zone, where they are sure to take ahead, even if recently narrow arrival of Sadr penetrate here and the Parliament could be more important.

SADR accused now the politicians to take advantage of benefits for their own interests, and called on the people to ensure stability, for which politicians are unable to. Yesterday, the Minister of Interior Mohammed Ghabba from the Badr organization of Hadi Al-Amiri, his backward sales. He had previously complained about the right of competence between the militar, regional security commands and the Ministry of the Interior.

The incredible history of the completely ineffective bomb detector in Iraq

With this miracle technique, vehicles on explosives were controlled in Iraq.

Was adopted by the Iraqi government that the attackers come mainly from Falludscha, which was still controlled by IS until recently. There the explosives should be made and the cars have been praarized. Therefore, the rage of the Shiite militias on the Sunni residents of Falludscha and the people from the area. The goods sometimes fled to the city to seek protection against the Shiite militias at IS. The shiite militias, but also Iraqi militars is accused, manner and also teenagers, of which they believed they had been appealed to the is appealed or supported, to have been arrested, contracted and tortured and tortured.

The attack from the weekend, however, shows that the IS at least has long been prepared for the case of Falludscha. Presumably cells and material in Baghdad themselves have been installed to plan, prepare, prepare and perform them without having to get into the city on the controls on the city. If Al-Abadi once again asked the offensive on Mol, if she succeeds, the territorial power of is further limited, but it was probably the coal town in rubble and ash, while there is no money for reconstruction. is available. Even the liberation of Falludscha led to 80.000 other escape strings, in the case of Mol must be expected with hundreds of thousands. And it is by no means said that the threat of IS becomes smaller, one must be more likely to ame that the clinic will multiply as long as the situation of people are not significantly improved and the Sunnis are involved in the government.

The government reacts to dismiss some for the district stabilized safety force and intelligence officers. In addition, Al-ABADI ordered the death penalty on several IS prisoners and ordered the bomb detectors now end-to-date from transport, which has been known for years that they are completely ineffective fake instruments (Iraq: executions in response to Monstroses is terrorist attack). At the point of these detectors, rontgen systems are to be used, in addition to the safety ring around Baghdad and increasingly carried out airup monitoring.

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