The falls of the prejudices

Iran wants to lock access to the Internet for young people under 18?

The State Telekom, which has a monopoly, has, like "Newspapers reported on Sunday, strict new restrictions of internet usage arranged and requested by the Internet providers to block some sites and to prevent Internet access for under 18-year-old. The message, as it was spread by Reuters on Sunday, sounded quite plausible. They had seen them because of their own prejudices as possible, finally in parts of the Islamic world the internet is still leaved and is not the best for the freedom of the press.

In connection, the report on the new censorship with the short breaking of more than 400 Internet cafes in Tehran, which must first receive a permit before they can open again. In Tehran alone, there should be more than 1500 Internet cafes. Everyone, they are especially popular with the teenagers, as they open a gate to the entire world. The Internet, the Telekom said, place a danger for national security. And after it was more and more websites with content directed against Islam or the government, one could be attempted, so the news to hold the adolescents from the dangerous information.

The source of the message was the reformist newspaper Hambastegi, whose report in turn was translated into English by the news agency Irna and published on Sunday at 12:59, where probably Reuters had the news. State Telekom TCI contradicted in a message to the Irna news agency on Sunday and described everything as a misunderstanding. Even under 18-year thurfing the internet use the internet. But it is not possible that internet providers under 18-year-old allow permission to open Internet cafes.

The Telekom also criticized how the Tehran Times writes that newspapers simply reveal messages without praising them before. The publication of false reports a pity the picture and the reputation of the Islamic Republic. Or it’s different: some false reports confirm what is amed, for example, from Iran, which is why they are not considered exactly … Only what the message is concerned about the censorship of the content can not be found in the reply, which could possibly confirm again old prejudices.

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