Terror-all-friendly syrian arrested in leipzig

The man should allegedly have come very far with his stuck preparations. Notes on him come from foreign intelligence services

The police obviously had several courageous and skilled assasses, for she found the searched in the night from Sunday to Monday tied up in an apartment in Leipzig. The man named Jabber B. is considered a terror-shaken with compounds to IS and was classified as dangerous by the Sachsian LKA.

Since Saturday Jabber B had. Headlines made: Again a Syrian, again one who had come to Germany as a flight to Germany, which is mutually in conjunction with the IS and planned a stop after harvesting instructions. In his apartment in Chemnitz was found, as spreading on Saturday in many reports, explosives found.

Several hundred grams of TatP (triacetontriperoxide), a kilogram of chemicals and a tinder are in the "Bomb workshop" has been found to report the mirror – with the addition that the neighbors in the Chemnitz residential area "Gluck had that nothing happened to them", Since Tatp was highly explosive.

Search photo of the police Saxony

The police commitment on Saturday was not happy. The courageous bomb butler was outside the apartment. Civil servants had seen him the plate construction area and made a warning shot, but he did not take him. The LKA defended himself against breakdown premieges with the note that one wanted to take a risk in the situation. One guessed explosives in the apartment, the house had not been rummaged, it has passed the possibility that the suspicious explosives or a tinder drove with himself.

That the police could then pick up inspiratory terrorists tied up in an apartment in Leipzig, was due to the fact that the escape in the Leipzig Central Station had addressed a compatriot who offered him a sleeping opportunity and the apparently awake and informed enough to know to know that he with one "special case" (Federal Prosecutor’s Office), which is why he resisted the police.

According to information of the ARD, the special case had developed pretty quickly. The first indication of the case is to be discussed according to ARD terrorism expert Hotschenberg about two weeks ago at the BND and the Federal Office for Future Protection.

The speech is of "different instructions of foreign intelligence services". The catch protection that the person "identified and localized", overturned the case of the Sachsian police. After the explosive foundation in the bomb workshop in Chemnitz, the General Country Lawyer now has the case because of the "of particular importance" accepted.

According to media reports, there is an urgent suspicion that Jabber B. have planned a explosive stop. In the Joint Terrorism Defense Center (GTAZ) of the BND and the strike protection "Notes", what "Berlin airport discussed as a possible stop destination" became. Anyone who discussed about it is still unknown.

It is amed that Jabber B. Apparently connections to the terroreseiliz "Islamic state" would have. On Saturday, three men in connection with the anti-terror use were arrested, two have now been set to free fuB, the third man stands under suspicion of mitabaking. He is the tenant of the Chemnitz apartment in which the explosive was found. Against him, arrest warrant was adopted for aid to prepare a serious state-hazardous violence (paragraph 89a StGB).

So far, it is still completely in the dark, as the contacts of the Jabber B to the IS and whether he had supported in Germany. According to the German Jihadist Harry S. (see. Terrorists in Syria: Two MaBstabe?) Run contacts frequently by phone or via the network over midrangeers, which are not connected to the core of IS for safety reasons.

Harry S. According to information he gave the New York Times in a long interview and which are already a few months old, the German IS network is not particularly rough. Maybe the case is Jabber B.New insights.

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