Terror against terrorism

With violence liability and security measures alone, the terror will not be finished

Still, the US, but also many people and media in the other countries after the striking apparently in a shock state. One explains the terrible assassination, which turned away from the propaganda of the act to the flesh spectacle of terror, as war against or attack on civilization or the whole world, argues unconditionally behind the US, demands the destruction of terrorist networks and a kind New Chinese Wall against the Barbari. The compulsion to prove action as soon as possible through military actions and to find guilty, growth.

Of course, such cold planned, bloodless suicide attacks, which obviously do not want to achieve a political goal, but only a possible rough and spectacular damage, can not be reasonable and not explained from certain political, social or economic situations. But they are thriving in an environment that terror tolerates and demands, and that by revealing guilty and thus by deterrence was not allowed to change. Attennas who voluntarily use their own life can not be impressed anyway.

They have demonstrated that the war from afar, the rich states with plenty of technology as in Iraq, in the attacks on the camps bin Laden in Afghanistan or in Yugoslavia were operated to risk the life of his own burger, only one Illusory security guaranteed. The war is no longer only in the distance, but always and everywhere. As well as economic, political and strategic decisions have an impact worldwide, they now start to act directly in their terrible effects on the prosperous islands.

Nevertheless, it is largely missing in the reactions to the environment a work-up of the background. Maybe that’s still too early. But the silence about it, which prevails primarily in the US, makes it questionable and seems symptomatic to be a common political attitude in the superpower. Self-friendly, the US has returned from many international agreements in recent years and enforced their presentation from a global economy. The cooperation with the UN takes place only if it fits its own interests. Wars and attacks are carried out individually, often against opponents, which in turn have been built up from their own strategic grounds themselves.

The currently large enemies, Saddam Hussein, the Afghan Taliban government and Osama Bin Laden, are only examples of devastating politics. Naturally, the lack of prere on Israel, to adjust the injuries of agreements, which has increased the Middle East conflict. People like the Taliban or Bin Laden were demanded by the US and militarically trained, just because they fight against the enemy, the former Soviet Union and the ideology of communism. Is good, so the motto, who, from whatever grounds and with which means always, against the same enemy. The terrorist regime in Afghanistan, which now seems to confirm the struggle of civilizations, had probably, as little as the millions of escape lingings and poverty in the country, without the secret service organized "Sub-policy" not given the USA.

Murders can not be prevented by death penalty, terrorists not through countermugs and military actions. Sure, it is necessary to respond to the connection with all determination and to find the culprits, but in the foreground, however, had to prevent such a follow-up and degradation of the for many people in the world, which by no means of American wealth, of freedom and Open society, from which in the US and in the Western countries ruling "civilization" benefit, a profound change in outdoor, economic and security policy stand. to bound is that George W. Bush in his father’s fifton and surrounded by cold warriors, only on a strong policy. And too farmer is that the western states under the impression of the Attentat, committed to bonding critics to wear such a policy that does not necessarily demand terrorism, but could continue to destabilize the world, allowing everything that is not directly security policy is, canceled. Even now, for example, in Germany, there are allegedly necessary changes in asylum and immigration policy, ie the overturning walls to submerged and sharp surveillance measures inside.

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