Taliban continues to build on the lowering of the country

Although there was virtually no internet in Afghanistan, the fanatical rulers now want people to expire completely from it

After a report of the Pakistian magazine Frontier Post, the Taliban government in Afghanistan, which dominates 90 percent of the country, ied the statement to ban internet usage. After the magazine, all Burger Afghanistans should be affected, also the authorities. It is to be suspected that the campaign applies primarily against the members of aid organizations in the country.

Even last year, reporters reported without borders in their field enemies of the Internet that there is no internet provider in Afghanistan, and that the number of Internet users who have access via mobile phones and satellite connections have to restrict themselves to 100. Only in recent years was the Langen War Marode telephone network regional improved. Histor, politicians or other celebrities are apparently linked to the Internet via providers in neighboring Pakistan. The website of the news agency of the Taliban is also hosted in Pakistan. However, it is not meticulous or already taken from the net at the moment. The official website of the Taliban is hosted in the US and operated by the representation of the Talibans among the United States. At the moment the website is still chopped.

The cracker writes: "Attenuation!!! I Have Nothing Against Muslims. But Terrorists Who Support Terror and Sale Drugs Over the World – Must The!!! Taleban, You Are This People"

The population, according to the Taliban government, will be by the complete decoupling from the Internet before the "perishable influence of the Satanic West" protected. "We are not against the internet, but it is used to disseminate obscalities, immoral and propaganda against Islam", Should the Foreign Minister of the Taliban regime, Wakil Ahmed Mutawakil, have legitimized the last chess train of the regime. In the country there are so far only a few telephone connections, barely radios and televisions. Music to Horen is banned by the extreme Taliban Islamists who want to bring the land into the Middle Ages dominated burgers. The vacuum of women is particularly blatant. A new idea came simultaneously with the internet ban.

All state employees have to set up a black turban for better identification during the course of the service and perform all documents with black ink. Ever earlier, all lecturers and students of the universities were forced to wear a black turban. Recently, women were banned to drive cars. Attention also caused the intention of the manifest fanatics that Hindu beliefs should be marked with a yellow sign. Happow of the Sikhs already carry a striking turban (the "yellow peril"To). The Taliban worldwide, when she also destroyed the huge Buddha statues in Bamiyan in Bamiyan (bombs and grenades on Bamiyan in Bamiyan in the Marz of this year due to the Islamic picture ban (bombs and grenades on Buddha).

With this fundamentalist and aggressive approach that makes the land to a closed island in the middle of the continent, the Taliban will be driven sooner or later the land in the ruin and undermine its base, the people who are locked up in this Tollhaus, However, must still have a lot of suffering. So far, 3.6 million people fled from the country, but their location is getting worse, because FUNF neighboring countries have closed their boundaries and started expulsion by Afghan escape strikes.

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