“Take the party”

Social Democrats on the way to the rough coalition

A partnership party needs the Chancellor, so it is now eagerly probed, probably the Social Democrats to come, the grunen still need a breather. And the SPD, if involved in the government, seems to be the CDU / CSU relative, the green party must first produce its internal stability.

The problem with the arrangement of a coarse coalition: In the Member "of the SPD this solution still stobs for strong reservations, the election campaign was carried out under the slogan, which Chancellor must be released, and so many a social democratic basic activist has taken the for Bare Munze. In addition, a strategic risk is recognizable: If the SPD regulates, the Left Party will upgrade its role as opposition to profitize as a left competition for social democracy.

Nevertheless, a preliminary decision for the gross coalition has apparently been made in the social democratic coating – under the condition that the Union Parties can be considered a great deal of union ies in personnel ies and the draft of a coalition agreement can be presented as a socially democratically introduced. There are some topics that are more symbolic and "the economy" do not hurt.

The so-called female quota is an example for this; In fact, in the negotiated form, it concerns only the distribution of Supervisory Board Sits in Borsenotated stock corporations, the opportunities of the mass of Malochers does not improve them. But if the CDU / CSU agrees, this is present as a social democratic success.

Of tax policy receivables, which are actually the redistribution process to the other direction, the coarse money were to be bordered, the SPD guided has already been spaced, that was just a campaign appearance. In labor market policy, CDU / CSU and SPD can be understood; Both give priority to the national site interest, the goal is to secure the export-oriented German company’s competitive advantages in the world market. Therefore, the Chairman of the Industrial Union Metal and Industrial Union Mining Chemistry Energy also explained their sympathy for a rough coalition, which strongly strongers the SPD upper the jerking towards the party body.

In the further implementation of the "energy transition" There are no fundamental differences between the Union Parties and the SPD. In matters "Euro policy" not either. And what is concerned with the handling of burger rights, the social democrats were not exactly the case, even if "safety" Demands your tribute.

In this respect, it was summarized in the coalition, which suits each other. In the way there is, of course, the expectation horizon, which the SPD in the election campaign put its members and attachments in the head.

Step for step to coalition

Meanwhile all parties, they are focused on participation of their members, with all political decisions it should be binnendemocratic with them. And so the SPD guided promised, in a rough coalition she will only occur when a member decision is right. Was the recklessness – can the project of the regression under Angela Merkel fail? That’s very unlikely. The SPD guided is what the practice of intrinsic democracy is concerned, mistress of the procedure, and it depends on. Now it is probed, negotiating, the path agreed to the coalition – that happens at the top. Then, for example, the consent is requested in the party board and in a party convent, still pretty up.

If this is done, will, again at the top, the draft government contract with the Union parties. And then the party is down to say the members can say yes. They can also say no, but most of those who participate in this decision will be very annoyed to do something like that. Who wants to discard something, what the leadership bodies of their own party have brought about. Who may remember that Peer Steinbruck should become chancellor? He does not consider as opposition drivers. In addition, a no to the coarse coalition was lighter, if another "Power option" for the fraction. But she is not, "Red-red grun" Was a phantom.

And so the Social Democratic Party Tops can go without too much concern a way to the coalition, which Hannelore Kraft has described: "In our decision, we must take the party step to step." Some decide the many others are taken to the hand so they do not stumble. The SPD is a foregal party.

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