Success on entire line

US Prasident Bush is looking for the nation behind his war with the ever-the same rhetorical offset

War planning is criticized. The rapid media-friendly advance on Baghdad, the hollow of the boses, has come to a standstill for the time being. The regime, which should tent like a card house when the troops come from Bush with the destructive spectacle of Shock-and-AW, showed unexpected resistance. Civil victims multiply, especially as a result of the first suicide attack. Prasident Bush is still looking for the public to convince with the a happy message that everything is good and you are steadily pretending.

Success on entire line

So a warlord for the woman house has to occur: surrounded by soldiers, in a fighting jacket and over, from his head coming, the national flag.

In his speech on the stuffing point of the Kustenwache in Philadelphia, Bush showed himself as ever as a warlord: rhetorical and in the form of his clothes. Even if on his arrival the protests were unuitable, he found his speech as so much in protected, criticism territory. So it loves the prasident who actually does not estimate a critical press and therefore press conferences with the possibility to ask questions, possibly avoids.

For the US burger that is not in state service, the foregal prasident at the beginning had a counseling advice on how to engage in America: observe or spy with the Mitburg, is his proposal. You can also help to be better prepared to be better. And finally the motto, the Iraqis, who are sometimes bombed and do not feel safe, gladly will be horen: "You can love a neighbor so much, as well as you are loved yourself." This is recipitance, TIT for act.

But it is actually more important, namely that American burger, "Supported by a strong coalition", believe, "to disarm a dangerous regime and free a negative people". And in the short time everything went well. Troops "Brilliant services" provided and "US" proud. In just 11 days, they have politely brought the big part of Western and sady Iraq (even if there was no rough resistance here until the citys). One has occupied important bridges that Olfelder lose a northern front, one "Almost completed air" (Which one had already before) and distributed "Tons of humanitarian help". Even if many dangers are waiting in the future, progress is progressing as he should: "We took Baghdad more and more. Tat for day we took the victory."

After the victory, the tyrant fell with "Terrorist weapons" demanded terror. The people in Iraq will then cheer (even if they do not do this in the south). The victory is of course the "United Nations and the civilized world" Elevated (even if many do not understand this yet). The Iraqis fight now, so bush, because they are from the "Daily" are forced. And that relatively little enjoyment of the liberators is to be seen, only the fact that those who show joy are murdered cold-blooded. Otherwise, they are used to fear and mistrust through the long domination. But Bush gives a correlation: we come – and thus the liberation!

"We’re Coming With A Mighty Force to End The Reign of Your Oppressors. We Are Coming To Bring You Food And Medicine And A Better Life. And we Are Coming, And We Will Not Stop, We Will Not Relent Antil Your Country Is Free."

In the meantime, people will continue to danger from the liberists through bombardments and considered to prove the opposite as a possible opponent, as well as how just happen, once a bus with women and children can be sieved by chrys for safety’s sake. On the other hand, these people are used as hostages and shields. The population is terrorized by both warpies. Where the sympathies will ultimately go, is open. That in a longest war with many victims through bombing and housekeeping as well as a wicking military crew, the land for more long time remains at least similarly torn as afghanistan, but allowed to be clear.

Bush tries to bring together the core stucco of war rights production – terrorism and Iraq – together. During the "Understanding regime" can, "Terror to our custs" to bring the "Global terror network" On the part begin to start attacks. However, as the United States the terrorists do one after the other, one will also end the Iraq regime and at the same time the protection of the boundaries and infrastructure strengthens: "This Nation is determined", seems to be the slogan to convince people from the government’s action, which is why bush repeats him several times.

It’s like that, Bush ares US Burgers that "America" After the attacks on the 11.9. A decision that will now be implemented by Bush: "We will not wait until our enemies strike before we beat back. We do not allow terrorists and terrorists to forge plan and become stronger, while we do nothing." Everything is made only to better protect the US, to protect countless life in the future and a rough danger for all "Free nations" eliminate.

From this prasident with its consultants, it is not to be expected that a discussion on the strategy can take place or so far only doubts. The procedure is prescribed, any trace of doubts is considered betrayal. The fact that the attempt to achieve a possible high degree of security by the closing of the boundaries, monitoring the burgers and the driving of praventive wars could lead to major insecurity and dissemination of mass destruction weapons, does not occur itself in the warlike winning message of the Supreme Warlord whose real path of which is a foggy and probably a mixture of obsession, power detection, odipus complex and affecting a little intellectual spirit are by experienced authorities. Bush Jun. probably is probably rather than his father in the story. Not because he provided for more security against terrorists and rogue states and prevents the spread of weapons of mass destruction, but because he has given the old world order with the rhetoric from the time of the Cold War the last Schups, through which they all fall together in themselves and space For something new power that does not let up yet.

Now it is not only over with communism, but also with the blessing ideology of freedom and free market economy. New, but cured "axles" arise, distribute mass destruction weapons and asymmetric conflicts are more. And whether we want or not, the struggle of cultures will determine the events on the world house. You do not have to take the grounds caught by the conflict parties, but the consequences.

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