Munchen, 10. November 2014 – Probably the most longest revalion of the year is the Pullman version of the current Mercedes S-Class. It should fulfill the wishes of the most demanding customers from 2015. First versions of the elongated S-Class has now sent Daimler AG into the strain testing, as these reliefs show.

Not too long ago, the luxury liner offer at Mercedes was quite inaccessible: next to the Mega-Flop Maybach, which there was in two bicycles, the Swabia also offered a superlange S-Class with the additional name "Pullman" at. In the future, the Nobel offer is streamlined. Already in short, Mercedes shows a 5.60 meter long S-Class. She competes with the long version of the Rolls-Royce Ghost (5.57 meters) and continues the traditional names as S 600 Maybach. At the same time she is the successor to the Maybach 57.

Long, long, Pullman

Even more the successor of the 6.36 meter long Mercedes S 600 Pullman. Although he also covers the Fruheren Maybach 62, but retain the well-known name Pullman to produce a clear differentiation for the smaller S 600 Maybach for customers. The most important competitor is here a product of the BMW subsidiary Rolls-Royce, namely the 6.10 meter measuring phantom EWB. In addition to an almost infinite range of luxury extras such as televisions and coolers, there will also be the new S 600 Pullman as an armored guard version. Your windows will fulfill the highest shaft class B6 / B7, in total protection is the car at VR9. The armor version is limited to 210 km / h due to special tires. Whether highly or not: For the Stretch-S-Class only the V12 with 530 hp and 830 nm is offered maximum torque.

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