Some are a bit of the same

Amnesty International complains a lack of declaration of intentional maltreatment by police officers

Before the law all are equal. So the authorities are committed to police officers who commit criminal offenses in office, comprehensively, independent and impartial. As with all other offenses too. Unfortunately, the state-of-state resistance does not come from this obligation – or at least very rare – in the offered habe. This represents Amnesty International (AI) in the report published on Thursday, unknown – lacking explanation of intentional maltreatment by the police in Germany. To make a remedy, the organization calls U. a. the "Establishment of independent examination mechanisms" with far-reaching skills and has started the campaign more responsibility to the police and an online demo.

Some are a bit of the same

Police law is Landersache, so that in Germany 16 different policies and accordingly 16 different police laws exist, in which the tasks and powers are cited: from the duration of the accommodation and residence bonds z. B. For drug dealers, on suspected personal checks, to the targeted fatal shot, in the law "Fineral rescue shot" called. This license to the dead is anchored in 13 Lander police laws, only in Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein not. In Bremen and Hamburg, the death shot is excluded from the obligation of instruction, D. H., A civil servant decides himself and in case of doubt also can also override the arrangement of a supervisor.

For green events such as demonstrations, z. B. G-8 summit in Heiligendamm or Castor transports in the Wendland, the respective country can ask the other Lander and the federal government for support. In this case, the state police law of the country in which the demonstration takes place. In addition, the Federal Police, which, among other things, is the border control, the supervision of the airport as well as the course of railway safety. Their work is in turn regulated by the Federal Police Act.

Due to the organizational separation, it is difficult to get on useful information for the exhaustion of police authority. Each federal state had to have its own statistics about investigative proceedings for corporary injury in the office by police officers. But only since the 1. January 2009, the prosecutors were obliged to conduct statistics about criminal investigations in certain criminal offenses made by police officers, such as Amnesty in the police report .

At the time of the publication of this report, the data was not published for the first year. Police crime statistics, however, does not lead to how many investigations against police officers were carried out because of corporary injury, rehabilitation or threat in office.

AI report

In December 2008, AI wrote to the interior and justice ministries of all 16 countries and the federal government, introductory is allocated. In the process for the period 2006 to 2008, the number of ads against police officers for corporation injury, threat or freedom reporter in the Office, over the number of trap, in which investigations were initiated against police officers, on the number of legal proceedings against police officers as well as above The number of police officers that were convicted of crimes in office.

With the exception of Thuringen, all Ministries of Justice answered the Lander. Seven of them loud ai "Some data available, which, however, also also ads against other officials or criminal investigations in which it is not about disproportion", include. Therefore, no jerk seizures can be drawn in relation to the exhaustion of disbursement complaints against the police. Of the seven countries, only Berlin, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein made exact details:

In Berlin in 2006 in 234 cases, in 2007 in 278 cases and in 2008 in 548 fall against police officers were determined for corporary injury in the Office. The Berliner authorities explained the increase in the increase in investigative trap for 2008 with changes in the statistical survey method. Saxons reported in 2004 in 52 cases, Fall in 2005 in 85 cases, for 2006 in 68 cases, for 2007 in 120 cases and for 2008 in 81 investigations against policemen for corporary injury in office. Therefore, in Berlin, there were 21 and 2007 to 13 convictions.

AI report

In Berlin, there were about one third of the trap brought to the ad that there were a conviction, it was only ten percent in 2007. According to the magazine analysis and criticism (AK) year 2005 nationwide 2.214 times criminal charges for "Corper injury in office" have been reimbursed. However, AK is silent about how many cases were initially initiated, and how often it came to judicial processes and, where appropriate, convicts.

Investigations could hardly lead to charges

According to the television magazine monitor of the 4. July 2002, the Kolner Prosecutor’s Office in 2001 has identified 270 times against police officers for corporary injury. Until the broadcast of the shipment, it had not come to the indictment in any case (police in the police: how impartially determines the prosecutor?To) . The response of the Senate’s reply to several written little inquiries of the domestic spokeswoman of the Fraction of the Left in the Burgeheit, Christiane Schneider, is shown that in 2003 to 2009 in the Hanseatic city a total of 2.066 Protection procedure against 3.015 accused policies were initiated due to corporary injury in the Office. The prosecutor has raised an indictment in 13 falls, which corresponds to a quota of 0.43 percent, and from 2006 to 2009 was not a single case to the indictment (BUDRS. 19/1061, 19/3665, 19/5377, 19/6228).

According to AI, this is not surprising, because "After a scientific investigation from 2003, preliminary investigations are hauled for corporate injury in the office against police officers without a court decision as other preliminary investigations against other persons." According to experts, the quota of convictions in crimes in the civil area at approx. 50%.

About corporary injuries in the Office at the Federal Police are not available at all. A request of the Left Faction of the Year 2007 was on 19.4.2007 answered as follows:

"The Federal Ministry of the Interior does not lead statistics on corporary injury in the Office at the Federal Police. In your answer to a small request of the Left Faction, the government writes the effort for such a data collection "unjustified", Since it is "Exceptional" trade."

With such a small condemnation rate, the question arises as to whether police officers are roughly accused. But there is a big doubt about Ai.

"The abrasion of police started could still be gross than the numbers mentioned", The Diplominologist Martin Herrkind, former Federal Speaker of the Federal Labor Community, said critical police officers and member in the AIF Commission police research, which has developed the report.

In my opinion, the dark figure in this area is quite high, because the victims "Many good reason" have just not to show the police. One of them is, for example, the fear of the return coach: the opposite indicator "Resistance to enforcement officers".

Martin Herrkind

Police internally, very often used the possibility, that "Cover of love" Hang Herruberhind:

The colleagues often replace the circle of friends, and they can rely on the use of each other. The resulting resulting "Solidarity" can be tangled. In the departments, this creates a culture according to the motto "Where is planning, there are also Spare". If something is legally not quite astrein, then it will "just written". In some departments, this is almost everyday life, also under instructions from supervisors.

Martin Herrkind

Some are a bit of the same

TESTORT INSTALLATIONS WWW.Taeter unknown.DE in Berlin, 29.06.2010: Amnesty International draws attention to the campaign on human rights violations in Germany. Image: Amnesty International

Sometimes the prosecutor’s office protects policemen

The prosecutors trusted the findings of the state places in the police. This is no different with charges against police officers than in other cases. Only the ratio of course is shredded: those who have been abandoned on whose statements they were elaborated, be succinctly accused of violent offenses.

However, it also prefers that police officers were litred by the prosecutor’s office.

In one case, the police operator had indicated one of his employees, which was sufficiently aligned during a Kurden demo. A whole series of officials focused on the initiative of their boss as witness against the police tatter. The prosecutor declared her to accuse all of them, because they had been obliged to grab their colleague in their arms according to § 340 StGB. They then made all of the certificate refusal right to burden themselves, and the procedure was ultimately adjusted.

AI report

In January 2004, the International Secretariat of AI published the first police report for the FRG.

Since then, 869 people have informed Amnesty International over interim trap with the police. In 138, Amnesty International had continued further research. 15 This case will be described in this report. For Zwolf fall, these are courageous police maltreatment with an improper violent. In three cases, humans died as a result of mutually illegal behavior or due to underlying the police. In their majority, the trap listed here were known because those affected themselves or their relocations turned directly to Amnesty International.

AI report

Documented is u.a. The case of the asylum seeker Oury Jalloh, the on the 7. January 2005 in a cell of the police station in Dessau burned. The circumstances that led to his death could not be clarified to court until today, and the judge released the accused officials. However, not from conviction:

The cursaw is not based on we found out what happened on this day. What was offered here was not a constitutional state, and police officers who were committed to the rule of law in a special mabe have a declaration of unemployed. All these officials who have lied to us here are police officers who have nothing to look for as police officers in this country.

The chairman of the Landgericht Dessau in his murderous judgment on 8. December 2008 (quoted from the AI report)

In order to remedy the described misunderstood, AI calls for a nationwide uniform labeling obligation for police officers in order to facilitate investigation in case of doubt, the "Establishment of independent examination mechanisms to review all premieges of serious human rights violations against the police as well as forelegoing, which could be clarified against Article 2 or 3 ECHRS,". These should:

  • be accomplished to determine all premieges of serious human rights violations by officials with policies inelectively death trap in custody, totia tablings, torture and other inhuman or degrading treatment and racism;
  • be empowered, adopted and identifyed persons of persons, to record and identify, as well as have the right to study forelegal and without the existence of an ad;
  • Awarded the necessary competence and equipment, investigations on human rights violations by officials with policymakers.
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