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G7 want health systems strong

The group of coarse industrial nations wants their powerful bundling to end the Covid-19 pandemic and better action against art virus breakouts. That sees one "Health clarification of Carbis Bay" According to the Heads of State and Government, according to the DPA information, on your G7 summit from Friday to Sunday, the Sudwestenglish seaside resort. The G7 countries go out in the explanation of a holistic approach that falls in the health of animal and human and an intact environment. In this sense, they want to invest in their own health systems and support the hazardous states, they equal to them. Fruhwarnsysteme is intended to build up and a better global network for monitoring threatening dangers for health.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 10.06.2021: Health Systems, Robots, JBS, Facebook Watch

Robot help at the Olympics

The Olympic Games in Tokyo could be used for robots what the Tokytes games from 1964 for the electronic time life of the watch manufacturer Seiko were: the breakthrough. The sports pectacle – so it takes place – was able to accelerate the rise of Toyota’s robotic division to a serious provider. Because machine helpers of the car manufacturer are supposed to be the stadiums and Japan Bevolkern as a flat-minded, waiter, material carrier or as a cheerleader.

JBS pays Losegeld to Cyber Erresser

The world-growing meat corporation JBS from Brazil has paid Cyber criminals at Ransomware attack, past week the production in North America and Australia, a losegeral paid in high $ 11 million in Bitcoin. US resistants actually urgently replace companies to pay Losegeld to offer Cyber criminals no incentives for essember. JBS US explained that the decision was made in consultation with internal and external IT security experts in order to reduce unforeseen problems through the attack.

Facebooks SmartWatch should have removable display

Facebook works on a Smartwatch with two cameras. This reports the technical magazine The Verge. The display of the Facebook watch should decrease and be used independently. This is especially FURS take pictures of photos. The two cameras are located at the top and bottom of the removable display, writes the technique magazine. The already unknown-known device should therefore be presented in the coming summer and could cost about $ 400 in the market start.

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