Hannover / Wolfsburg, 15. January 2016 – Spontaneous shopping, weekend trip, Transfer to the airport: Even those who do not have their own car, do not have to do without flexibility thanks to modern carsharing offers on four godparents. Worldwide are booming. The providers promote customers who drive a car but do not want to buy.

Virtually all coarse manufacturers have brought their own carsharing offers on the market. During Daimler and BMW have already established themselves on the market with their stationsless offers, the car maker now raises the towel. After less than four and a half years, the car maker stems his pilot project "Quicar – Share a Volkswagen" again. This has nothing to do with the exhaust gas crisis in breath since September, emphasizes Gerhard Kunne, spokesman of the responsible Volkswagen Leasing GmbH.

"Car manufacturer need the topic"

Most automakers offering carsharing use the model so far to market their cars. Daimler brings in this way his smart to the strain. BMW so far gives Mini, 1er BMW and electric car I3. In the future, however, it will be more and more about binding customers in a world in which possession becomes unimportant. "Car manufacturers need the subject of carsharing," says serious Young expert Peter Fub.

A good 6400 shared cars are on German straws without a fixed station. After commenting on the carsharing association, Daimler and BMW dominate the market of Freefloating offers, in which the cars are simply turned off on the strain edge. There are also about 9000 cars at stations in towns and Bahnhofen. And the market continues to grow. In 2014, more than one million users had registered for carsharing.

Despite the boom, Volkswagen could not swim on the success wave. Kunne emphasized, currently CONNE with Freefloating barely earned money. "These are only experiments at the moment", and in which Volkswagen is not interested.

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