Sex for money – well and?

After "Revelation", that some companies organize sex parties for their employees, sex is repaid against money again as bad and typical man – bought sex has many advantages

sex? Pssss…

Sex had never been a topic in our family, we just did not talk about it. Everything that somehow had to do with sexuality was turned dead. Not from religious reasons, it was just something that you did not speak. Small brochures were around, the rest did the Bravo and sex education lessons at school. As by magic, the bind and tampons were openly visible in the bathroom – but that was already. So I knew how sexual intercourse and pregnancy worked what it had with menstruation and that man sit in pleasure. But the question of how I should then cope with mine, there was no answer. Finally, the question was never asked.

When she came up, I was asked for me that such socks were passed, I just had to think of something else, distract me, then giving himself. So as a youthful in the evening, I was awake, hoarding music (with headhorters and loud) and read, painted or wrote any mini programs on the computer that did nothing more than a simple vocabulary query or similar (that was in the 80s). The main thing, I was distracted that I had this funny feel in stomach and abdomen, what I would be later than "pure lust" designated.

The girls in my hometown were far more attractive than me and what was important who walked around with boy, who was rapidly shouting as slut. In this respect you do not drive around. "At some point you will find a nice friend", struck it with me. And when I once asked how to deal with it until I had this nice friend, my mother only said: "Continue to you and if you have a friend then, then you will have this feeling with him."

I did not get more information, but the topic of masturbation was not an ie with us – it was not tattered, it just did not exist.

Jump to adult and Boses awakening

Finally admitted, I wanted to make up for everything (meanwhile always available). "Born to be wild" just. Far away from home, life was a single party: I’ve already done myself, drove myself on highest way types, just to go with them in the evening to me and have sex. My personal desire was so finally satisfied, I had spab – but it took just a short time. Because nothing was different here. All too fast, the whole leads to social attention, I was just the slut of the city, over which one just laughed – and not even realized it.

The same from me "Sexy tote guys" were simply the ones that took what offered them. With me it had nothing to do – which would not have been bad, they were not laughing at the same time over their offers, they also reducing them and then spotting someone else saying: "Hey, that certainly takes you." I was not about that everyone "About me to leave me", I looked up my bed havenges, but that nobody came true. My desire, that was clear to me, became a problem in this way for me.

Back to distraction

After the failed liberation, I returned to the old. Distraction was announced – and she worked. For a while I tried in my relationships to meet the requirements of the other. I was the sexy bedhasin, which did not stop even before anal spheres and whips, then rather the friendly-rural girlfriend who had no sex for months – I tried, especially in sexual ways to do what was expected. why? Because at least that’s what the lust satisfied, though only conditionally.

But it meant "secured sex" Within a relationship, so I did not look more than the horny slut from the service. Hello, love society, I am civilized now, I have a relationship! My own pleasure, this wild desire for more and more sex, I had meanwhile under control – I became a master in orgasm prestamentors and when I saw the frightened look of the partner, if I only suggested, I just liked it now "Bumsen without drumrum", Then I realized that in his eyes I finally only was the slut.

The slogan was simple: it had with the "Wild" did not work out, it had with relationships together with "Limited tolerate accepted sex" did not work out, so I love it all. Relationships were capped by me, I lived alone. I drove me even strongly, drank a lot and so successfully successfully hit my libido in me, until she almost no longer existed. Sure, I was sometimes thought of sex, but this all-devouring feel "I want it now" Was not there anymore. I was satisfied.

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