Setapp: subscription service now also for iphone apps

SetApp: subscription service now also for iPhone apps

The SAUPApp SETAPP subscribed to Mac users so far outweigh their offer: Customers can now also load the associated IOS versions on iPhones and iPads, whose use is covered by the subscription with the subscription. The consideration of iOS apps was one of the most commonly sought-after improvements, said the SETAPP provider.

190 Mac apps and 8 iOS apps

SetApp has been giving access to Mac software of different indie developers for around three years for a monthly fixed price of $ 10 (plus VAT), the offer now includes well 190 programs.

At the start, only eight iPhone and iPad apps are included in SetApp, including known software such as the word processing Ulysses, the task management 2do and the MindMap Tool MindNode. Other iOS apps include the duplicate finder Gemini, the clipboard Paste, the PDF searcher PDF Search, the Task Manager Taskheat and SQLPro Studio for managing PostgreS and MySQL databases. Also with all iOS apps offered by SETAPP they are the full versions, stressed SETAPP, updates are covered.

The iOS apps are loaded as usual from Apple’s App Store, the enabling of full versions is done by scanning a QR code. Individual apps like Ulyses offered as part of SETAPP already platform access to Mac, iPhone and iPad version. One has now simplified the entire process, so that all developers who offer their software over SETAPP can make it easier to make use, according to the subscription service. The offer of iOS apps was also integrated into the SETApp tool on the Mac.

Developers are paid after use

Developers should be exposed to their iOS apps exactly as for the MAC versions, promises SETAPP – billed after usability. SetApp promises a surveillance of all Mac apps before recording to the service, the iOS versions have to go through Apple’s full-length process.

The use of the iOS apps ames that the SETAPP subscription still offers free gardures. From the base subscription in the high of $ 10 per month, only one device is now covered, any additional iPhone, iPad or Mac occupy another place. Additional devices can be unlocked for a surcharge of $ 5 (per device and month). SetApp offers a one-week free trial, you also take the use of the iOS apps.

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