Scheuer wants climate goals of the eu “between reason and compaction”

Scheuer wants climate goals of the EU'zwischen vernunft und verscharfung''zwischen vernunft und verscharfung'

In the discussion about the compilation of EU climate goals, Federal Minister of Transport has before Andreas Scheuer "revised values" warned and adopted to take the crisis to take into account through the Covid 19 pandemic.

"False signals with over-related values"

"The EU Commission has to keep in mind that we are in one of the most serious crises of the last decades", said the CSU politician of the DPA. "The balance must be kept between reason and compaction." It needs ambitious goals because they showed innovation. Decisive is the way. "I believe if we now put the false signals into the world with over-related values, we were unsuccessful in the economy."

Possible goal is a composure of 40 to 55 percent

The EU Commission is currently the goal of reducing the greenhouse gas outstaff by 2030 by 55 percent compared to 1990, instead of the previous target of 40 percent. Commission leader Ursula von der Leyen wants to officially take care of the next week. Then a consensus between the Commission, EU Parliament and the Member States must be found. An increase in the target mark to 55 percent could mean that Germany also has to save more greenhouse gases at national level or that the EU climate requirements are more stringent about for the auto industry than before.

"We need a common understanding of what is Europeically strategically the right thing to secure industry to protect workplaces", said scrub of the dpa. "We have Member States, including gross Member States, which are still heavily hit by the Corona crisis. This must also be in view of the EU Commission." The Green Deal, the EU climate program, had been designed when there was no Corona crisis yet. Now you have to think both together.

Scheuer said he had nothing against ambitious goals, but they had to fit in the time and be fulfilled. "It does not bring anything when a company shuts off the workstore and strike thousands of workplaces." At the same time he has "Coarse confidence in the technical implementation and innovation". Economic Packages had to be geared to the fact that innovations were driven forward. "Nobody may bring the transformation process to stand."

Merkel and Schulze are behind 50 to 55 percent

For the 55 percent target, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) had pronounced. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had made it clear that it supports you 50 to 55 percent – so far, the range that the EU Commission has brought into play. Background of the balancing is that the EU is to be climate-neutral to 2050, so no more climate-damaging greenhouse gases should be reached in the atmosphere. The Environment Committee of the EU Parliament is even for a 60 percent target for the year 2030.

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