Saudi arabia: with western wargerat against oppositionelle

Saudi Arabia: With Western Wargerat against Oppositionelle

Canadian gurkhas in Saudi services. Photo: Twitter, Anthony Fenton / @ Sahatalbalad

The Canadian government is worried about what happened to the delivery of a 15 billion-dollar weapons business. In the east of the country, the Saudi government carries a rough-applied cleaning action

Now it has evidently happened what should happen to any circumstances. Saudi Arabia relies on the West Delivered Wargerat in the fight against the opposition. The duplated is Canada in this case, but it could also meet other Waffenhellel partners, the US or Germany.

The weapon company with Saudi Arabia discussed in Canada is still from times of the transaction government. It has a volume of 15 billion dollars, including the delivery of armored patrol vehicles of the Gurkha type. The vehicle that demonstrates the American lobster is made by Terradyne based in Ontario.

Pictured material, which has circulated on Twitter and found from there input in reports of large media, identifies the Gurkha vehicles in a combat use Saudi Arab troops in Al-Awamia, a city in the east of the country, with majority of shiite population, in the Cleaning zone at Al-Qatif.

After all, the evidence of the image material reached so far to put the reigning Canadian government in an excess state of discomfort. As the newspaper The Globe and Mail reported on Monday, Aufemister Chrystia Freeland has informed her concern of the Saudi Arab Government. Like the tranquilizer from Riad looked, is unknown.

"Affects EU Member States"

That the government Trudeau takes the thing seriously, can be read on the activities, from which the Canadian newspaper reports next to the contact of Freeland with Riad. The Foreign Minister complied with the EU-AUBEN officer Mogherini, because the matter also concerned EU member states. Also, the European Parliament, which has already critically pronounced arm sales to Saudi Arabia, is mentioned by the Canadian Aufem Minister.

The government in Ottawa shows the pre-yields and the photographic material, apparently it is, however, how the newspaper report lets understand, clear enough to reflect on a reaction and gain jerking. Saudi Arabia estimates interference of foreign parties in internal affairs, which does not comment on Globe and Mail.

the "matter" has several dimensions. It is framed by the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar on the allegation from Riad, that Qatar supports terrorist groups and Iran. US Prasident Trump had to lift an anti-Iran coalition from baptism at the end of May at the Arab-American Summit in Riad.

The reformatting

After that, the events crashed. A few days after the summit came out that the Qatarian Emir did not show so enthusiastic about the idea that it spoke inappropriate well by Iran. Doha denied, the statements were not real, the news source had been hacked. However, that could not brake the dynamics of the conflict. Saudi Arabia and its closest composite, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt demanded a Kneefall Katar.

The rulers do not want to do that in Doha until today. The conflict between the two rivals Saudi Arabia and Qatar remains uneven despite various payroll attempts, he spoke through a wave of mutual allegations, who is deeper in the bottom of the support of terrorbands deeper in the swamp of both countries.

Both, Saudi Arabia like Qatar, can get out of the full shuffle to feed media as they all both entangle in sponsoring violent, extremist and terrorist people, militia and groupings are. But there is another frame: the attitude towards Iran. That trump has significantly positioned itself on the Saudi Arabia page, was allowed to lie on this alignment pole. Trump hopes for an agreement between Israel and the Palastians. He needs Saudi Arabia. The acquisition between Israel and Saudi Arabia happens over the common animosity against Iran, which is considered a threat from different reasons.

Some time after the Arab-American summit, which demonstrated many because of the picture, whereupon Trump, the Saudi Konig and the Egyptian Prasident conspirative manual laying on the globe, was in the world-like memory, it came in Saudi Arabia to an unpredicted incident: the succession was surprised, Mohammed bin Salman, short MBS, was on 20. June for the new Kronprinz determined.

Freephone for the crown prince in the fight against the opposition

Mohammed Bin Salman was previously the strong man in the Konigreich. He had determined the Yemen military insert and he plays a supporting role in conflict with Qatar. MBS has a narrow ratio to the United Arab Emirates. Egypt is of Saudi Arabia and the UAE financially dependent. With the new hierarchical positioning, secured by the new shoulder lock between the US and Saudi Arabia, Muhammed Bin Salman over Greater leeways, his license coincides more.

The hard action against the unrest zone in Al-Awamia, where Saudi soldiers are driven in Canadian patrol vehicles for combat work against Saudi Arab State Burger, dates about at the end of May. It can be amed that the matter was not without Muhammed Bin Salman’s emphasisal understanding – and with a safe feel that it will not give stormanovers from Washington.

The Saudi Arab safety force is officially against "Terrorist", which are always suspicioned as a shiites to patch the nearby Iran.

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