Sale failed: gm crooked lobster

The sale of US railing brand lobster to China is burst. The lossy subsidiary of General Motors (GM) now threatens the same fate as the siblings Saturn and Pontiac: It should be handled. "We are extracted that the business with Tengzhong could not be completed", said the stitched GM manager John Smith on the 24. February in Detroit. For warranty services and service in existing cars, the Opel-Mother GM wants to continue.

GM and the Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co agreed to take over in October last year. The Chinese government, however, refused its consent because the sprite-hour railway wagons were torpedoing the target to reduce pollution. In addition, there was doubt that the buyer has the usual experience to control lobster. Tengzhong earns his money with mechanical engineering.

Lobster had gamed GM much grief. High fuel prices and the economic crisis love the sells shrink. On the important home market GM was just a good 9000 pieces of the edgy railary car last year – three years earlier it was more than 71.000. According to media reports, Tengzhong was prepared to pay between $ 150 and $ 200 million (currently about € 110 million to 150 million euros). The sale should secure 3000 jobs in the GM works for a transitional period.

The original lobster was a civilian offshoot of the American military transporter Humvee. Thanks to its striking form, the expensive car quickly developed into a status symbol in Hollywood and elsewhere. The later models H2 and H3 got more comfort and a slightly less edgy user. Not only the increase in olpne prices since 2005, however, put an end to the success of the brand. While celebrities first often and likes to perform in the Humvee, for example, Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made a turnaround and put in 2006 in the fight for his re-election on environmental topics. So the ex-"Terminator" Move the electric car specialist Tesla to produce its planned fourth model in California.

Lobster is guided to the brands, of which General Motors separates at his reboot. The car maker slipped in the bankruptcy last year, from which he found a way out thanks to a billion-heavy state financial syringe. The US government has controlled the company since then.

Only on Tuesday GM had brought the sale of the Swedish daughter Saab to the Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker successfully brought about the bean. At the German daughter Opel, the Group is just about state aid for renovation. On the home market, GM focuses on the Mass brand Chevrolet, the Nobel brands Cadillac and Buick as well as the railaries brand GMC.  /

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