Rv test: numerous security shortage

Rv test: numerous security shortage

Munchen, 20. December 2011 – A RV test in winter? There is a good reason to take the camping mobile now under the magnifying glass. First, buying decisions are faded for or against a model often in the cold season so it is ready when the temperatures rise again. Second, many models with their good insulation also fell for camping in winter. That’s why the ADAC latest campers have just tested.

Many lack of security

The club found out in the tested subintegrated motorhomes that, for example, through a lifting bed for four people, they offer a lot of space, but show security shortage. With this type, the fuhrerhaus is used as a living room. Thus, passenger airbags and ESP are only available for a surcharge until a case. Two mobile homes in the test had no ESP. Overall, two of the FUF tested vehicles just reached a "good", three the grade "satisfactory". Winner became the model Adria Matrix Supreme M 687 SL, which at the same time was the most expensive motorhome in the test. The note "very good" did not reach the test vehicles.

Three of the FUF Motorhomes reached only a "sufficient" at the point. The club criticizes that the braking paths long and the engine brake effect are irrelevant. The coarse part lacks Gurtwarner in the vehicles. The payload can also become a problem: the latter -place Chausson Flash 24 TOP became the common payload of only 386 kilograms for funfox inmates.

Only a mobile with serial mabigic ESP

The test winner Adriatic Matrix Supreme M 687 SL achieves the highest safety standard and also cut off the living room valuation best. During the second-placed Peugeot Boxer Liberte VIP 690 convinces the safety equipment with ESP, which offers no other vehicle in the test in the standard version. However, the automobile club brought here too to be long braking distance.

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