Puresync 7.0: shadow copies as needed

PureSync 7.0: Shadow copies as needed

Version 7.0 Advanced the Windows backup software PureSync by multiple new functions: Among other things, handy or automated shadow copies can be created. These duplicate first exclusively the table of contents of the storage medium. At the beginning, this takes only a few megabytes and can be created in under a minute.

Anache a file remains the old version in the shadow copy – PureSync secures you and the new file separately. This is how to recover delay data or old versions. In the system drive, the user can optionally elect the user between a recovery point or shadow copy: the former records system-relevant files and folders.

The developers indicate in the envision of the new release point out that shadow copies do not replace backup: During a defect of the storage medium, these are no longer available.

File Manager for shadow copies

Also new is the Shadow Copy Explorer. With him users can create and browse their shadow copies. Mending files marks the tool colored, also a two-side view is on board.

PureSync 7.0: Shadow copies as needed

New in PureSync 7.0 is among others the Shadow Copy Explorer for shadow copies.

On request, PureSync files can now be loose: the software lists filenames and content, so you can not restore anymore. New are FURS Backup Further File Filter per directory, for example, specific file types can be provided for a backup.

In addition, provider jumping bytes has worked over the surface. Templates for every job type collects PureSync now in your own lists. Completely new here is the rubric breaks, which, for example, delete certain files or file types automatically at a certain time.

Details about version 7.0 can be found on PureSync.de. The Munchner Developer Jumping Bytes offers PureSync as freeware for private channels, companies receive some additional functions with the Professional version.

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