Provider association eco warns: with copyright reform come upload filters

Provider association eco warns: with copyright reform come upload filters

Shortly before the planned copyright reform is passed, the Internet industry association eco warns once again of its effects: The expectations of the ancillary copyright are illusory, and the consistent implementation of the value gap rules is only possible with upload filters, says the association. The Bundestag is expected to pass the bill tomorrow, Thursday, 20. May, adopt.

The chairman of the board of eco, Oliver Sume, finds "There is no question of a balanced compromise and a fair balance of interests between rights holders, creators and platform providers" there can be no talk of a fair compromise. eco also criticizes the short lead time: The copyright reform for a press publisher’s performance protection law is to be implemented as early as 7 January 2009. June, the upload filters on 1. August will be implemented. It is still unclear whether smaller platforms also had to use the new upload filters. According to Sume, more time is simply needed to clarify the remaining open questions.

The filters are coming

The reform of copyright law in the EU, originally planned as Article 13 and later Article 17, has been the subject of much discussion over the past two years. The desire to modernize copyright law and adapt it to the digital age was countered by the fear of upload filters and the threat to the free Internet. EU directive, which was already adopted in summer 2019, must now be implemented by 7. June into German law – contrary to original promises on the part of the federal government including the unloved upload filters.

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