Protest march: erdogan threatens the chp

Protest march: Erdogan threatens the CHP

Several thousand people march from Ankara to Istanbul, to find demonstrations in coarse dates

The protest march from Ankara to Istanbul went on yesterday Monday in the fold day. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, chief of the large Turkish opposition party CHP, had initiated the action after his party colleague Enis Berberoglu had been sentenced to 25 years of prison last week (see "Justice": Turkish opposition begins protest march).

Several thousand people should have now connected to the approximately twenty-day march. While some are permanently present, others accompany the troupe only for daily sections. At the same time, in several Turkish coarse dates, including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, demonstrators in Parks – a reminiscence to the Gezi uprising in the summer of 2013. Although the demonstrations of coarse police are accompanied, but so far they kept themselves back. In recent years, the police had always attacked demonstrators brutally.

Ruupted to the rule of law

Kilicdaroglu calls for the juvenile to the rule of law and raises headquarters Recep Tayyip Erdogan dictatorial methods. It has been the first time for a long time that the CHP bears its resistance to the policy of the ruling ACP on the strain. Kilicdaroglu was several times in criticism because of his weak attitude; Only in April he had denied the nationwide strain protests against inspirable electoral qualifications in case of advice.

During ACP and the right national MHP attack the party for your action, the pro-Kurdish HDP has explained solidarity. The party is under massive prere. Your party leaders and several deputies have been in custody for months.

Erdogan reacts

After holding a comment, Erdogan Kilicdaroglu attacked on the weekend. "To call people on the strain, is in anyone interest", said Erdogan, who liberteaded himself for his trend, which in the pout’s ninea of 15. July 2016 on his call on the straws had gone and had the soldiers in the way. Around 250 people died.

"Do not surprise if the judiciary invites you tomorrow", he said in a blessed threat to CHP boss Kilicdaroglu. Deputy ChP Chairman Bulent Tezcan answered that one would go to the strain, because in parliament no justice gives.

Enis Berberoglu himself had said in the course of his arrest and conviction, he himself would not be free as long as the freedom of the press was not restored. He had helped as a journalist in the detection of weapons deliveries of Turkey to Syrian extremists; The prosecutor threw him therefore "Terrorism" before.

The daily Birgun said Kilicdaroglu on Sunday, Erdogan "The attitude of a plus". The march, had said Erdogan, was "illegal, but we do a favor and let it get". He compared the action with the coup attempt.

Kilicdaroglu denotes the exclusion of the state of exception, already since the 20. July 2016, in turn, as "Coup". Erdogan has been using the situation since then for mass arrests and the vacuum of any opposition and also umbe on other landing prere to support its persecution of regimegers.

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