Proposal: wrappingpramie for old diesel

Diesel driving bans could be avoided according to Andreas Stoch (SPD) with hardware retracts and a scrapping program for old cars. "For old vehicles of the exhaust standard Euro 4 and underneath, we must think about whether we support people with a scrapping program," said the faction leader in the Baden-Wurttemberg Landtag of the dpa. The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig had decided that driving bans on air conditioning in the city on the basis of existing laws are possible. Then Minister of Transport in Baden-Wurttemberg Winfried Hermann (Grune) had said, first driving bans for alter diesel for air-conditioning in Stuttgart could come at the end of this year.

President came criticism of green and the FDP. "Stoch’s scrapping program for Euro-4 diesel can be directly in the scrap press. Thus, only those vehicles were drawn from the traffic, which have been admitted by the end of 2010, "said Grunen Group Chief Andreas Schwarz on Saturday (17. Marz 2018). Umbarring solutions for the entire vehicle inventory are necessary. The Grun-black state government work with high prere to improve the air in the city. From the next year, in the Stuttgart region, there will be a continuous 30-minute clock with new vehicles, barrier-free entry and internet. "In addition, we make fun of 250 million euros for bus traffic throughout the country," Stressed black.

A rewriting of the scrapping program for old diesel vehicles goods from the point of view of the FDP state chairman Michael Theurer to pass on the problem to the taxpayer. The costs incurred had to be worn by the automakers themselves. "The polluter pays principle applies in the social market economy. The diesel scandal may not fall to the repentants, craftsmen, self-standing and middle-class nor the taxpayers."Stoch said, so far the auto industry offer only a change program if customers bought a new car. "Many people have no 20.000 or 25.000 Euro on the high edge for a new car, "he admitted to concern. "For such someone, it can be interesting to scrap the old vehicle and buy a vehicle brought with a scrapping program."

There was a scrapping program for vehicles already in 2009. At that time the money came from the federal government for the Pramie. "I can imagine that one finances this now on a fund that is fed to a part of the automotive industry, which is currently recording record gains," said Stoch. Before the growing of driving bans, there would also be hardware roasting. "Where the auto industry has exchanged for exhaust values, it must pay the restoration."However, this must then be demonstrated this then doubt. Otherwise, the legal departments of the manufacturers will refer to the fact that their cars were so homologated at the time.

"If these measures come together, it had to be possible to do without driving bans," said Stoch. In any case, it is wrong to act only with the ban on how it’s the great deeds. "We ask for two years to expand capacity in public transport," explained the faction leader. "Despite a green ministerial prospective, a green Minister of Transport, a green Oberburgermaster, and a green government sprayers, I do not recognize, where in the Stuttgart region, a shift from individual transport to the public transport had given a major scope."Minister Prosident Winfried Kretschmann (Grune) is incubroll, said Stoch. Because Kretschmann did not say a critical tone on the chiefs of the auto industry.

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