Presentation: ford ka + facelift

Presentation: ford ka + facelift

Progress is usually a fine thing. But whether everyone who bought a Ford Ka + last year is pleased that the brand has already discovered renovation needs after just over a year in the trade, may be doubted. But the buyers do not have to be very much. For Ford left much as it was before. A few innovations are still interesting.


Not much not much: a new killer grill and a button on the tailgate, with which these are now easier than previously open, have to be enough. Stretched turd seals should have less larm inwards. The KA + was not unusual, but less is always welcome at this point.

Net is the KA + Active. With him, Ford hopes to benefit from the current SUV fashion and to open the access to this coveted segment "quite new customer circles". We are curious if there are a few unpainted plastic parts and a little more ground freedom. As an additional incentive, a comprehensive equipment is praised.


Ford has disposed of the old infotainment system and now also builds the current Generation Sync 3 in its favorite model – a gross progress, which is probably not many people in this price-sensitive segment. Fine humor prove the authors of the leaflet for the press. Quote: "For the standard equipment of all Ford Ka + properties such pleasant equipment details such as electric windows front, central locking with remote control, electrically adjustable outdoor mirror, mountaineering assistant, speed limiter and the clever tank system Ford Easy Fuel". That sounds really good, but sad does not have to be a buyer of the previous model: already the current price list for the still unprocessed model leaves all these things as standard equipment.


New are the two 1,2-liter engines. Ford had spoken in the introduction of the KA + that these "completely newly developed" are. After a quite objectionable construction period, they are replaced by new 1.2-liter engines. These have only three instead of four cylinders, but should offer ten percent more torque. The performance information remain the same with 70 and 85 hp. The weaker engine became Kunftig about 115 nm, the stronger Ca. Offer 124 nm torque. Further corner data could not call us Ford on demand yet.

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