Presentation: bmw 1er facelift

Presentation: bmw 1er facelift

In 2019, the BMW 1 Series series as we knew you knew from the program and replaced by a bread and butter compact with front drive and transverse motor. How the then ride can be experienced in the 2s tourers – second choice at the tours. Now the current Rear Control Series will receive your last facelift. Although there are nothing but not a good thing. There are two new colors and funf new designs in the optional light metal beads.

Triple shadows

There are also three sporty edition models with shadows. Edition Sport Line Shadow, Edition M Sport Shadow and M140i Edition Shadow are based on the Sport Line, the M-Sport Package. the M140i. Black lacquered kidney frame, LED headlight with black captive and darkened LED jerk lights precipitate the "shadow models" low-threshold. In addition, BMW has boiled a design idea from the Fruhen 80s again: the Shadow-Line. As with the then 3ers (E30) and 5s (E28), the shadow edition models of any chrome is painted black.

More is in the interior. The 1 series gets the same cockpit as the parallel overworked coupes and Cabriolets of the 2 Series. Even in the 1er, the combined cluster now evaluates those blackpanel technology, which for a long time pronds the instruments of the 5s and 7s. In the 3er she was introduced in the short break. It is a combination of pointers and to a dark surface projected scales and ads. Blackpanel instruments have high quality and are clearly readable.

Also center console and the complete dashboard received a new design, which according to presser Prosa "the driver orientation even stronger accented". I hope there is more behind it, as the inept feature to leave the newly designed trimmed parts abruptly over the glove box.

Latest Infotainment Generation

The facelift also comes to the 1er of the latest infotainment generation at BMW. The expensive navigation system Professional receives an 8.8-inch touch screen, the real-time traffic data service RTTI now also includes hazard messages such as accident or heavy rain. An on-street parking system can show free parking in German city. Navigation destination addresses and contact information can now be entered via smartphones and smartwatches from the ax. Suitable smartphones can be loaded inductively over an optional charging cradle – a service that now offers more automakers as mobile phone producers.

The facelift does not affect the Safety and Assistance Systems chapter. At the engines other than on the drive. Still, you have to say. From July the renewed models are delivered. The M140i of this last generation is thus the best 1er of all time.

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