Practice guide for companies: insert ki legal compliant

In cooperation with the platform "Future of work" The Bertelsmann Foundation have the authors by Christiansen and Till Kreutzer, both salaries at Irights.Law, the guide "Ki in companies – a practical guide to legal questions" published, which should offer in central legal ies of application of artificial intelligence orientation.

Since the financial expenditure as well as the requirements for the competences for the use of artificial intelligence have been significantly reduced in recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises use such tools increasingly to data generation, data use, data analysis and data marketing. But often it lacks technical, legal and privacy-relevant expertise to ensure the framework conditions of use certainly asset. Here the guide wants to support.

He is aimed at project managers and all who are involved in SMEs in practice to integrate the systems specifically to machine learning into the operational drain. Especially the legal aspects should be considered at home in projects and the course is properly. The authors have been validated in topic selection and presentation for good general understanding and exploitation of the technical terms.

Ownership, data protection and liability

First, the legal ies are treated for the design and procurement of KI techniques, ie procurement strategies such as in-house developments or the purchase of standard solutions are legally valued. The project phases of procurement, system design, exercising with training data and the later use are followed in live operation.

Relevant in these phases are both intellectual rights, the questions for ownership of the KI and their work results, as well as data protection questions such as the handling of personal data and the avoidance of discrimination by the system. Other important aspects relate to liability risks and labor law. Although the guide can not and does not want to replace legal advice in individual cases, but companies are found in it "Map of decision support".

The approximately 80-side guide of the Bertelsmann Foundation is under the open Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 4.0 licensed and is available for download on the website of the Bertelsmann Foundation for free.

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