Power mac g4 cube: 20 years controversial design icon

Power Mac G4 Cube: 20 years controversial design icon

River-shaped, with transparent plastic and only 6.4 kilograms heavy: This professional Mac presented Apple the world on Sunday exactly 20 years ago. The Power Mac G4 Cube became fast to – but not undisputed – design icon. Finally, the manufacturer, who last stood under the control of Steve Jobs, was released, at the same Iconic look of the in turn ten years ago preliminary nextcube. The little river worked silently without air – what was chic, but the potential performance braved – had a relatively accessible interior and had a cool slot-in-DVD-ROM drive on the top.

The Power Mac was cheaper

The introduction price was $ 1800 in the USA. Sounds relatively moderate nowadays, but first, you have to calculate inflation, secondly, a screen has not even been supplied and third, this was just the price of the relatively slow beginner version. The run on the cube started quickly, but due to the high price and the unusual design, he could not keep up with the popular iMac or even with the normal power macs in the tower housing, which existed since 1999 and the expanders were for the professionals. In addition, a similarly as the cube equipped Power Mac 200 dollars costs less – so the design had its price.

Power Mac G4 Cube: 20 years controversial design icon

Details about the cube.

Cracks in plastic

One or the other scandalching around the cube was naturally too. So some unfortunate builders noticed pretty short time cracks in the plastic housing of the machine, the Apple then had to surrender. It was about "Fruhes manufacturing problem" traded, strolled it then.

It helped everything

Amazingly fast, Apple had to grab to sell-protecting losses. So different goodies were packed (CD burner, program packages) and the graphic has been improved. However, that did not help much, so Apple did not have a whole year later – in July – explain the end of the Cube. The basic idea – albeit with less space requirements – finally in the Mac Mini, which it gave to see in January 2005 for the first time.

Afterwards, read the post to the Power Mac G4 Cube, which on 19. July 2000 on our site appeared. Author was Andreas Beier:

"The best was Steve Jobs at his opening speech on the MacWorld Expo as always up to the end. With the words used by Fruheren events "just one thing" he brought the PowerMac G4 Cube to the light of interested openness – so to speak "Gap filler" Between iMac and Power Macintosh line.

Power Mac G4 Cube: 20 years controversial design icon

Cube from the next.

In a cuboid approach with 20 cm edge length, a G4 PowerMac is housed: with 450 MHz-clocked PPC7400 CPU (G4), a maximum of 1.5 GB of RAM, FireWire and USB connections, 10/100 MBit Ethernet, Rage 128-Pro graphics card – but no air and no PCI slots. In the DVD-ROM drive with slot-in-mechanism you push the silver slices from above – as with a toaster. With a handle attached to the underside, the complete computer core can pull out. All components such as memory, an optional airport card for a radio LAN or the hard drive should be installed or removed in a few minutes.

For the chic river Apple demands 1799 US dollars from August – without screen. A special 500 MHz version should only exist in the Apprestore for 2299 US dollars. Included in both variants a speaker pair of Harman / Kardon in transparent design."

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