Poverty is not faithful to history

Measured by the rough expectations in advance, the results of the G8 summit were modest in a scandand

Rarely was a G8 summit in advance with as rough expectations, as the yesterday on Friday Scottish Gleneagles concluded meetings of the leadership and government leaders.

In addition, not took the Live8 concerts (cf. Voices against poverty). Musicians, such as Bono or Bob Money, revealed the impression with their statements, this summit will turn the fate of millions of people. With a debt deletion, hunger and miserable of the past could be found. Make Poverty History was also the entrance motto, a claim that everyone can agree with.

Measured by the yield of the summit is modest. Because poverty is certainly not in the story. A total of 51 billion US dollars was decided to use 18 of the Armest countries to debt depreciation. 20 Further will be included later in the program. However, you must first need to involve a catalog of editions that pay for the basic consensus of neoliberal economic policy: open to the western corporations, challenging the private sector, privatize the public services.

The Live8 Aktvisten can not even strove that they influenced this fairly modest result somehow. The package was adopted in June at a meeting of Minister of Finance Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Japan, France and Canada and was made known only in Scotland. The first reactions of globalization-critical and development policy groups are not euphoric.

From the full-bodied vocal to the bottom line is just a mendant debtenerlab remained.

Peter Election of Attac

Even with the second central theme of the summit, the climate change can show all sides on successes, but ultimately it remains here with vague intelligence clarifications. The protocol of Kyoto, for which in the last before the summit numerous environmental association and also Federal Environment Minister Jurgen TRITTIN have made not mentioned. Because the US government has not signed it because they hold it as a pollution for the US economy. Immediately at the beginning of the summit, Prasident Bush had made it clear that he will hold on to this position.

"Africa goes up in flames?"

Thus, it was already considered success that the US prasident in Gleneagles approved a document in which it is held that the emission of greenhouse gases is harmful to the world climate. However, this is scientific consensus since almost a decade. This was once again on a study finished to the G-8 summit of a working group of British environmental and development organizations with the alarmistic title "Africa goes up in flames?" feasible. There, the effects of climate change will be described on Africa and the Armest population layers. This makes it possible with a myth maintained in the environmental movement that the environmental problems affect all people equally.

On the other hand, the authors of the study with their highly dramatic title of a long questioned strategy of many non-governmental organizations are currently working on the environment. One wants to call for immediate action, requires technocratic solutions because for long debates is no longer time. However, this is often past the needs of many organizations in the countries concerned.

The search for a fastest degree of master plan is known as a false way from critical development research for a long time. The arrivals have impressively confirmed in the summit ended. The master tarpaulins Hollen debt and Kyoter protocol. The latter was characterized by many European initiatives and governments, above all, as tactical remedies to isolate the US government and bring the British Prime Minister to the boat of the allegedly more peaceful, environmentally conscious Europe. Because Blair has been portrayed before the summit as a decisive committee of this protocol, which will not be a conflict with his friend from Washington in this question.

But by the terrorist attack by London (cf. Attack on London has stepped into the background this dissent. ApberplanMabig was written by the assembled head of state of the head of state, in which they ared that the terrorists are not winning.

The question will be how the many people around the world, which have been sensitized by the Live8 actions for the problems of whobular parts of the people, not only in Africa, react to the modest summit results. Go to the gross expectations for the agenda over or recognize that it means a long fight until Poverty History is?

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